Monday, 2 July 2012

Hagbane's Doom and a Few Flowers!

Hello there fellow Bloggers! On Tuesday evening we went to KP's school to see Year 6's production of Hagbane's Doom based on the book by Nick Sherrin - the plot if you don't know the story is a bit like C. S. Lewis's - "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."

Dorinda played by KP turns evil and becomes Hagbane. The photo above shows KP as the evil Hagbane. She had to sing two solos and as she played the main part there was a lot of dialogue for her to remember too! I was one very proud parent! She had a lot of confidence on the stage something that would be alien to me - I was always in the choir but never a soloist and could always be found in the back row hiding behind a taller person so that nobody could see me!  

At Secondary School during the 1970's / 1980's it was understood that each child would read from the Bible at least once during their school years as part of the school Assembly. I managed to avoid this for the entire seven years that I was at School! I could duck and dive out of most situations!

I hummed and ha'ad over whether to put these photos on my blog as they contain other peoples' children. In the end I placed them on here only because I know the school will put far more on its website and far more people will access those than mine. I hope that I haven't offended anyone!

In the above photo - The good guys fight off the bad guys!

KP with Mr. Trotter, the Badger!

Hagbane has a fight with Prince Oswain, the hero!

The fight is to the death!

The narrators!

The end is near and everyone goes on stage for a final song!

The Mighty Mice - Grumble, Mumble and Fumble! and some of the other performers!
Thank you kids this was a truly wonderful performance!

And finally, some of the roses in the garden which seem to be flourishing now that the rain has abated and stopped bashing them to bits!

There does seem to be an abundance of greenfly this year though! Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

This is a new rose planted this year! We have planted a rose as all other non thorny plants that have been planted in this particular spot have been flattened to death by the dogs! Surprisingly - the thorns have kept them away - for now!

Until next time,



  1. I just logged on to blogger and found my dashboard full of your posts - going back several months, apparently all posted 16 minutes ago!! Does this mean the 'bug' affecting your blog and making it not show up as recently updated has gone? I'll let you know if you start appearing now!

    The school play looks like fun!

  2. I love the action shots of your daughter she looks very professional! The roses from your garden are wonderful too.
    Like Louise your post was at the top of my reading list when I logged it, although on my blog it is showing us this post as 3 months old! It's great to be notified rather than searching for them!
    Have a good week.
    Sarah x

  3. Imagine my delight when your posts filled my dashboard this evening! I'm not sure what happened because yours never appeared before. I've enjoyed a long catch up and will hopefully visit a bit more regularly now not just when I remember to check!

  4. What a talented daughter you have! Like you, I was always the one hiding at the back, and mine are very outgoing. It's surprising how different our children can be! Yes you are now showing as 3 months ago rather than 1 year! xx

  5. Gosh, I wondered what had happened when I saw all your posts in my box I thought I had a gremlin or something - I see now what has happened although a March post is showing as your latest one in my box:) Looks like all the players had a wonderful time with that production. I bet you really enjoyed watching it:)

  6. The play looks like it would have been really fun to see :) I was very shy as a child, though I think I did have to do a solo song for one of the plays..I think the song was about brushing ones teeth (and I had to hold a huge toothbrush)..not the most glamorous part :P haha
    Your roses are just lovely. I haven't had problems yet with the green fly, but mine have been getting the black spot though...
    Have a great day!
    Magie x

  7. The youngsters look as if they are having tremendous fun...its all about magic on stage and off,isn't it?. The pictures are really great and I can see your daughter is very expressive...bags of talent!
    Great to see on my lovely followers blogs list you are 3 months away and not 1 year as it normally indicates.

    Amanda :-)

  8. Fabulous, you must be one very proud mum. I've never heard of this story before. I'm at school this evening to see Eleanor in a play that her drama class have written, I don't really know what to expect. I don't know where they get their nerves to perform solo's, even now I'm like a quivering wreck when Eleanor's performing.

  9. Hello June
    You must be very proud, your roses are so lovely too! Happy days!!
    Thea x

  10. How fun and such beautiful photos. The players look as if they had great time too.

  11. Hello june,
    Thank you so very kindly for finding me and leaving such lovely words....
    Enjoyed your post and feel you must be very proud here.
    Loved your Roses, am wondering if the green fly is due to the fact of soo much rain!
    I am your newest follower also!
    Have a week of kindness...
    Maria x

  12. I must admit to not having caught up with all your 'new posts' yet, how weird that so many showed as being published. You must be a very proud mum, your daughter sounds very talented indeed.
    Lisa x

  13. What an amazing looking play !
    I haven't had a problem with your Blog posts showing up as I said before I just pop in now & then to see if my blogger friends have posted ...therefore I miss a few & play catch up !

  14. Beautiful Roses, I would so love to go out to my garden a pick a bunch.......not much happening at this time of year though.

    What a wonderful Year 6 production. It looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves and how proud were you fof your gorgeous girl? I would've been far to shy to get on stage and act at that age.......
    Love the Might Mice, mumble, grumble and fumble, hehe....

    Hope you have a nice, sunny weekend, June,

    Claire :}


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