Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sunday Walk

Hi there! I have a lot of posts to do from our half term week and so for the next few days there will be a posting every day - can you handle the pressure! I don't know if I can! It's very quiet here at the moment as KP left for France today on a school trip. She will be away until Friday evening! She woke up at 4.00 a.m. and had to be told to get back into bed as it was far too early. She then got up at 5.00 a.m. and once again was told to return to bed! When she woke up at 5.45.a.m. the OH gave up and got up too!

We have just received a text from the school saying that they have arrived safely in France and that nobody was seasick during the crossing! Apparently, it is also hot in France! It has been raining solidly here all day!

On Sunday we watched some of the flotilla for the Queens Diamond Jubilee but upon looking out of the window saw that although it was raining in London it wasn't in Devon - it was therefore time to go out and enjoy that Devonshire countryside. There are so many walks that we can access straight from our front door - so the dogs were put on their leads and off we went!

We spotted wild briar rose in the hedgerows.

Our Devonshire retreat is half way down this hill. This is the view from near the top! Spectacular don't you think!

The view from further up the hill!

We diverted from the main road and onto country lanes where we saw many foxgloves!

And copious amounts of pink campion! I like how the fern brings out the pinkness of the campion!

 The dogs can run freely in the lanes! Along the lanes there is access to many public footpaths. We did not take this footpath but continued down the lane!

Where we saw some rain spattered foxgloves!

We entered a field carpeted with buttercups and KP gathered some dandelion leaves for the rabbit back in its hutch - we bring Harry, the rabbit with us when we go away!

A closer look at those buttercups!

The view from the buttercup field!

We entered another field where the grass was tall! Our two dogs are in there somewhere running with KP!

I can't see them either! I assure they were there!

We came across some elder flower!

And fields full of gorgeous dandelion heads!

We came out of the fields and rejoined the lane where we passed this superb Georgian farmhouse! I love that swing seat in the garden and the veranda! I can imagine myself sitting on the swing seat or sitting on the veranda with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other! Dream on I here the OH say!

KP and George love water - both got a soaking in the nearby stream! Here they both are trying to espy the dapple grey horse in the field. The horse is normally in the paddock and comes over to say "Hello!" This time he was trapped in the field beyond and so it had to be "Hello!" from a distance!

I couldn't resist another photo a foxglove!

Gathering more food for Harry!

A busy bee!

A delightful display of lupins!

And a fabulous ginger cat sat on top of a fence post! Didn't he pose nicely!

We carried on walking down the lanes but it soon started to rain. We didn't mind we had had our fix of the countryside and could have danced all the way back home!

Until next time,


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  1. Lovely photos, June, and what spectacular scenery...imagine waking up to that every morning.

    Re one of your earlier posts, that black and white dog you came across looks like a springer-english setter cross, doesn't it? We had a black and white Old English Springer Spaniel, who we adored. He lived for 14 years which we felt was a pretty good innings!

  2. We share a love of Devon, the views you have shown are amazing. I love those foxglove photos and especially the one of KP and George looking over the wall. I hope you are feeling much better now.
    Sarah x

  3. Hello June,
    Thanks for your comments on my latest post.
    I am trying to work out where you are in Devon....I know it well Mum was brought up in Exeter and lived in Brixham....I used to have the most wonderful summer holidays in Brixham. Some of my family still live there. The countryside and the moors are really beautiful. These photos are absolutely fantastic...full marks for the photographer. Like yourself a dream cottage in Somerset or Devon very much a big yes for me. Brilliant photo of KP and George calling the horse.

    Amanda :-)


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