Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bank Holiday Monday at Tiverton!

On Bank Holiday Monday we drove to Tiverton. We took the dogs with us as we intended to walk along the canal towpath and visit a Diamond Jubilee Fete! En route we passed through a village which had had an Olympic scarecrow competition! A few posts back I  posted about the Kings and Queens scarecrow competition in Broadwindsor. We carried on our journey to Tiverton and stopped to take photos of the scarecrows on our return! I will post about them later in the week!

We parked in the car park - I think we had the last space! We walked up to the canal towpath. We agreed that it would be better to have a short walk with the dogs to tire them out before attending the fete as they both can be a bit boisterous when they encounter large crowds!

The first thing we saw was this friendly pusscat who was just sitting on one of the benches watching the world go by! Nice work if you can get it! The cat was very friendly and stayed with us as we patted and stroked it. The cat purred loudly but as cats do after about five minutes it had had enough of our company and sauntered off looking for new companions!

We came across this flower right at the edge of the canal! Stunning but does anyone know what it is?

We walked up to Tidcombe Bridge!

We walked slightly beyond this point before deciding that we should really go back for something to eat!

Along the way we spotted some wild briar rose in the hedgerow.

We then heard a commotion from the other side of the canal and went to see what was going on! We saw a couple with some bread and looked to see nine ducklings swimming across! As you can see they couldn't get there quick enough!

KP was given some bread by the couple to feed the ducklings and the OH walked some distance away with the dogs so as not to frighten them! They all looked very healthy!

So cute!

KP was very excited seeing the ducklings and so many!

We then heard someone shout that the horse drawn barge was on its way and lo and behold so it was!

I love shire horses - gentle but strong animals. Quite amazing how these horses can pull a large barge full of people.

After the horse and barge had gone past KP said that she had heard some duck noises coming from close to the canals' edge. We peeked into the reeds and saw a mother duck and her two ducklings! These two looked quite a bit younger than the nine we had spotted earlier and kept pretty close to their mother.

A real cutie-pie!

Before we knew it we were at the fete - the barge you can see is the one that the shire horse was pulling!
At the fete there was a jazz band, plenty of activities for the children and of course a bar for the grown ups!

What better way than this to enjoy a Bank Holiday Monday and it didn't rain!

Next time - scarecrows!

Until then,


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  1. Hello June, thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my post and welcome to my blog! Those ducklings are absolutely adorable, aren't they? Love from Claire (your latest follower!) xxx

  2. What a lovely walk with lots of interesting things to see along the way.I love walking by the water,and those ducklings are the cutest! :0)

  3. Hello June
    Thank you for your lovely comments, you are very welcome, I love your photos of the ducks and ducklings, My Mothers family came from Tiverton, so it has been very special reading your post.
    Thea x

  4. I've just popped across from Gill's Gillyflower blog as I noticed from your comment that you have a Spaniel and a Dachshund. We too have a Spaniel, a Cavalier King Charles, and Dachshund's are my son's favourite dogs, he wanted us to get that breed when we got Archie. Anyway, enough of that. It looks like you had a wonderful day out, filled with animals. I agree, Shire horses are such gentle giants, and those ducklings are just so cute. I'm going to go and explore the rest of your blog now.

  5. What adorable ducklings and the canal boats are so colourful. Looks like you had a lovely day out. I hope your health is improved :)

  6. Well, for someone who doesn't get out and about much any more, I love blogs like yours as it gives me an insight into what's going on in other parts of this wonderful country of ours. So thank you for this little trip. Loved the ducklings, and the shire horse, and the colour.

  7. Lovely post June,
    It all looks so lovely.. the canal boat, the little ducklings with mummy, the shire horse.. and the bridge.. looks like a great part of England.!
    I had the same problem in the begining of my blogging.
    I would think, that to start a new blog again with a different photo might work.. just read carefully before you do it. I am glad you realized that this was so. Its such a lovely heading.. try and read carefully how to do it..
    wish i could truly help you.
    Happy days June.. thanks for your comments on my blog.


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