Monday, 11 June 2012

We Meet Members of The Royal Family!

On the Saturday over the Bank Holiday weekend we travelled to Bridport to have a look around the town and the various places that sell vintage stuff. On the way there we had to drive through Broadwindsor. As we were driving along we espied some members of the Royal Family! As it was nearing lunch-time we agreed that we would head on to Bridport and stop at Broadwindsor on the way home to say "Hello!" to the Queen!

A lot of hard work seems to have gone into the above but I am completely mystified by "The Walking Wounded" sign behind Her Majesty!

Further down the road was this cardboard cutout titled "Guardsman's Revenge!" Clearly the guardsman doesn't like corgis!

I found this ones eyes a bit creepy!

This one had been Highly Commended. We did look around for the Winner but couldn't find it! You could pick up a map outside the Children's Play Area which showed where all the scarecrows were - but not the winner or we can't read maps - probably the latter if truth be known!
I love the papier mache face, the playing cards with their boots and the pink flamingo to play croquet with, even the hedgehog from Alice in Wonderland has not been forgotten about!
This Queen looks as if she wouldn't hesitate to shout "Off with their heads!"

This photo is just a random one! The OH had a VW Beetle. It was his first car and as we hadn't met I never saw it but he still reminisces about it and how it came to a sorry end - wrapped around a lamp-post on a snowy night!

"Well, Hello Ma'am!" I don't really get the blue hair! I love the vintagey material of the dress though!

Aren't these two just wonderful - quintessentially English through and through even down to the blue eyeshadow and hat!

Cool Britannia!

"I still like to talk to the flowers every now and then!"

The attention to detail I found amazing. I love the crown, moustache and the handkerchief in his breast pocket!

We found the Duke of Cambridge standing guard!

This one looks so real and outside Coronation House! Love the Union Jack doormat to complete the look!

I have to say this one intrigued me as I didn't quite get it!

This was my favourite and had been Highly Commended. It was titled "A Pressing Engagement!" When you pressed the corgis foot it sang "Who let the dogs out! Who! Who!"

There you have it - a short trip to see the scarecrows of Broadwindsor. They have a scarecrow competition every year apparently and with such a high standard I think we will try to remember to call back next year!

Our trip to Bridport was productive, I ended up bringing home a vintage pull along dog on wheels! He is so handsome - I will show him to you on a later posting!

Until next time,



  1. I have that union Jack Parka!! Primarks finest!!! xxxxx

  2. I loved that tour! I'm thinking of showing it to some of my French students so that they can catch a glimpse of just how quirky Britian can be - is that OK, please?

    We visited a pig scarecrow festival of a similar nature, up in Yorkshire. Sometimes I do miss England...

  3. LOVE THEM ALL !!! I wish our village did this ... infact I may start it up !

  4. What a lot of hard work went into all those scarecrows. Some of them are a bit creepy, but brilliant all the same. Great fun xx

  5. Hello June, I'm glad I've tracked you down. Your link didn't appear on my dashboard after you followed me. Thanks for your comment recently and that is how I've found you. Nice to meet you and hope to keep in touch soon. P x

  6. Hi June,
    I'm so glad you had time to stop and take some photos, I recognise some of them that we noticed as we past by the car. Aren't they great!


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