Saturday, 16 June 2012

Burrow Court Farm - WARNING! A Lot of Photos!!!

Hi there fellow Bloggers! Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post! I really do love hearing from you especially when you are SO complimentary!

On the Saturday before last we ventured to see a garden quite close to our little bolt hole in Devon called Burrow Court Farm. It's just off the A303 as it heads on to Honiton.
The gardens are spectacular and belongs to a husband and wife team who have lived at the site for 50 years!
They have lovingly tended to the gardens which are open to the public. The site has its own little cafe. It is all very low key - when you get there you are greeted by the husband and his wife is generally to be found pottering in the gardens! The entrance fee for adults is £6 and £1 for children! It is well worth the money!

I took far too many photos! "Surely not!" I can hear the OH say! Hopefully, when you see the photos you will agree that this is a truly special place - built from scratch by a dedicated gardening pair!

I love gardens with doors. I can just imagine a little girl on tip toe trying to see whats lies beyond the closed door.

Beautiful displays! It all looks so natural and effortless but you know that the reality has been sheer hard work to get it looking like this!

Stunning stone walls and little statues complete the look!


We walk on down into the garden and turn back for the view from the pond!

The view of the countryside from beyond the pond - what a view! The gardens have been specifically designed so that you get the best possible view from many vantage points!

There were literally hundreds of foxgloves!

And places of interest where inquisitive minds could stick their heads through holes!

"I'm coming through!"


Don't know what sort of fly this is - bee or bee related? Does anyone know?

There were fabulous flowers everywhere I looked!

A great poppy! I think this photo is on its side! Apologies!

A bee and a foxglove!

A type of ornamental onion, I think! You gardeners out there will know!

A Red Admiral spotted by KP posing nicely!

It warranted a further photo!

And another!

There were several different varieties of aquilegias - from single to double headed.

A close look at a purple aquilegia!

There was a buttercup field with a vintage tractor! How fantastic is that!

We discovered heavenly scented roses!

Some great gates!

More roses!

A zebra tree! You can see where it gets its name from!

And more roses!

The Summer House! Oh, to win the lottery and have a garden that could accomodate one of these!

More foxgloves! I did warn you that there were hundreds here! The OH said "Yes, but you didn't have to take a photo of ALL of them!"

But I did! Well, not quite!

A side view of the Summer House!

Oh, look - more foxgloves!

More aquilegias ...


And even more foxgloves!

The gardens have areas of formal and informal planting. The whole place is just divine!

There are areas that are allowed to just grow wild! Let nature do its own thing!

Someone admires the view beyond the gate!

We saw some great big trees! A lovely spot to picnic methinks!

This place is just truly amazing!

And then you get to the ponds! Many dragonflies - way too fast to capture on camera! Oh, how I wish I had captured the two very large dragonflies that were chasing each other in the sunshine!

Geranium and friend!

Ox eye daisy!

Foxglove and bee!

We came across some bright pink rhodedendrons!

Some gnarled trees!

And then KP spotted another butterfly!

Who again posed nicely!

Having feasted our eyes until they almost popped out of our heads with the sheer beauty of it all we headed for the small cafe! Just when we thought things couldn't get better - KP spotted this cheeky robin just outside the cafe!

The robin looked very intently at us while we ate our food and took a photo!

And then we spotted another robin inside the cafe! KP threw some crumbs from her sandwich onto the floor and the robin dived down, grabbed the crumbs and flew off!

Before returning for some more! The robin we thought must have some young ones nearby and was feeding them with our crumbs!

After our lunch - which for me included a huge slice of coffee and walnut cake(!) we headed back towards the car but first said "Hello!" and "Goodbye!" to the horses in the fields.

"Goodbye!" We'll be back again soon, I hope!

And last but not least the owners dog and his ball!

Sorry that this is a long post and that there are probably far too many photos but I didn't know which ones to leave out and so ended up putting them all in this post!

Until next time,


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  1. WOW !!! Your photographs are stunning and I really really want to visit that garden - thank you so much for showing it !

  2. There aren't too many photos in the post, June, how on Earth could you have left any of them out? You've sold it to me, if ever we're down that way again I shall definitely visit. You're right, it's an ornamental onion, or allium, they're wonderful flowers. Your robin photos are the highlight of the post for me, just wonderful.

  3. I can tell how much you enjoyed this place from your posts! It looks and sounds amazing! There's a very similar garden near me, done over many years by a husband and wife (though the husband is very old now and the wife died years ago) and it's always a pleasure to visit.

    Your second butterfly is a speckled wood.

  4. Hi June, I don't think you have too many photos at all, I love posts with losts of photos, especially when they're as good as yours! The robin ones are wonderful (as are many others, too many to mention!).
    The first butterfly is a small tortoiseshell rather than a red admiral I think. We've yet to see butterflies here this year, won't be long now.
    I wish you could find out why you're blog doesn't show it's been updated. I use my list of favourite blogs to view other blogs but yours is always at the bottom as blogger doesn't think it's been updated, and I'm sorry, sometimes I do forget to scroll down and look at it. Off to do a little catching up now...

  5. What a wonderful place, it's just so typically English! I want to sit in that buttercup meadow and soak up the atmosphere :)

  6. I just popped back today for a proper look at the photos - my internet was not cooperating last time and I couldn't see all of the photo! They're fantastic, great scenes from the day and now I've seen it, I can also say that's a tortoiseshell rather than a red admiral butterfly. I've hardly seen any at all this year, I don't think they'll do well with all the cold and rain.

  7. You can never take too many pictures in a place like this, it's beautiful.


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