Friday, 15 June 2012

Another Walk in Devon and Things Doggy Related!

Hello there fellow Bloggers! This is a continuation of the things that we got up to at half term! After being indoors for a few days because of the heavy rainfall we were relieved when the rain stopped as it meant that we could once again set off for a relaxing walk in the Devon countryside. This time we ventured onto another country lane and right at the start saw this fantastic cottage! I would dearly love to see the inside, if the outside is anything to judge by you can well believe that it would be just gorgeous!

If you look closely to the right of the bird bath you can see a black cat. This leisurely made its way towards us and greeted us with a loud purr! There were two other cats in the garden but they weren't interested in us!

The black cat who came to say "Hello!" The cat jumped off the wall and started to follow us! But then a man came down the lane walking his Labrador and the cat quickly ran back into the garden!

We carried on down the lane and discovered these foxgloves literally growing out of the lane!

We ventured into the fields and seeing as there was no sheep or cattle we took the dogs off their leads and allowed them to run freely. George stays pretty close to us and is only really ever interested in someone throwing him his ball! Charlie, our dachshund on the other hand likes to do what he wants to do! He only comes back when he hears our voices becoming sterner and if he's smelt fox poo or horse poo we really have no chance! He likes to roll in it! Most of the time therefore he is kept on his lead even in the fields!

Stunning views!

Heading back towards the centre of the village - a photo of the Church!

And now we're back home! On this blog we have quite a few photos of George but Charlie is all elusive when it comes to photos! So here are a few of him caught on the sofa when he should be in his basket!

"Please let me stay on the sofa!"

"Why do I have to get off the sofa? You've put a blanket and everything on it. I thought it was to make me comfy!"

From Charlie to other dog related items! This was the pull along dog that I saw in Bridport and it had to come home with us!

Side view!

I just loved his expression, his markings and sticky up tail!

We of course have other dog related items dotted around the house - a pug for a cushion!

It could almost be Charlie! This cushion was found by KP in an Antiques Centre in Honiton a few years ago and in view of the dogs close resemblance to Charlie it had to come home with us!

Our bedroom - Can you spot the pug cushion! This was made by me - too many years ago to remember from an Elizabeth Bradley tapestry kit!

It should have four tassels one in each corner but alas it now only has two - and the dogs weren't the culprits (makes a change!), it was the cats - they must have thought that they were cat toys!

If you look carefully you can spot five eiderdowns! In total I think that I must have about twenty! I should do a post about them sometime! The two on the beds were e-bay finds years ago and were really cheap as was the satiny one on the wardrobe! The blue one I purchased again off e-bay on a Buy It Now so I paid a bit more for it! I had to have it though as it so reminded me of the one that I used to have on my bed at my Gran's house when I was very young!

The lounge where Charlie didn't want to get off the sofa!
Can you see the little leather footstool under the coffee table which has been chewed and the dogs wonder why I don't want them to sit on the sofa!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,


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  1. What gorgeous Doggy photos - thank you so much for sharing them. Lovely to see that you are on the mend and enjoying getting out and about again. Love the dog on wheels, can quite understand why he had to come home with you! x

  2. Great post June,
    I love the thatched roof cottage..gosh , how I too would love to see inside.. Infact I wish it was mine.. its so very very English and lovely. The cat is very friendly..
    Charlie is like mine. I have blankets on my sofa and have 3 sitting with me and one in her basket.
    They love to be near us. I love my dogs , they are my best companions.
    you are lucky, that you can have catys too.
    You have a beautiful home.. also looks very cottage type! You will need those bead spreads on cold winter nights there in Devon, great finds.
    Have a happy weekend. thank you for your kind comments on my blog..
    hope you get your header sorted. val

  3. So lovely to see that you are now back in the swing of things and well enough to go out and about after your long illness.
    Lovely post with lots of great photos, and some of that elusive sunshine too!
    Your home looks so cosy and comfy with all the blankets and throws, quilts and cushions, and I love the pug cushion that you made.
    But best of all those lovely photos of Charlie on the sofa - those beautiful eyes! No wonder he's allowed to stay on there, who could resist!
    Have a great weekend June!
    Gill xx

  4. Thanks for the link, June. Gosh, what a lovely post, I enjoyed it all, right from the chocolate box cottage at the start to everything doggy related. What a cutie Charlie is. I've seen smooth haired dachshunds and wire haired dachshunds, what breed is Charlie? My son loves dachshunds and my daughters favourites are pugs, so I shall show her your cushions later, she'll swoon. KP obviously has a keen eye in the antiques centre spotting that, it's a beauty. I could do with her to come shopping with me.

  5. Hi June - such beautiful images and I just love the black cat.

    Happy weekend to you,

    Nina x

  6. I love your house! That photo of the black cat is amazing....that should be in a calender or something! xx

  7. Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog :) What a beautiful area you live in..such a lovely cottage. I just adore the pull along dog you bought, he sure is a handsome little fella.
    Charlie is a cutie...awe :)
    I hope you are having a good weekend..
    Magie x

  8. A lovely walk! I thought you just had one dog until now so it was nice to see the other!


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