Monday, 18 June 2012

An Evening Walk Through Chawton

Hi there! Well after all that rain we had a little sunshine - that song Sunshine After The Rain has been going round and around in my head. I don't remember who sang it, do you?

So while the sun shone what better to do than to go for an evening walk with the dogs. It was pretty strange being out and about without KP who is away on a school trip to France! Why did this not happen whilst I was at school. We did have a school trip - one day a year! We would always end up somewhere quite local and ever so boring! By the time we'd finished singing "Stop the bus we want to wee wee and the driver wants one too!" we would have arrived - well not quite but, you get my gist!

We also used to sing:-

 "Build a bonfire,
Build a bonfire,
Put the teachers on the top,
Put Mr. Morgan (our headmaster) in the middle,
And burn the bloody lot!"

And also for some unfathomable reason the following song:-

"I'm Diana Dors and I'm a movie star,
I've got a cute, cute figure and a see through bra!
I've got the hips, the lips, the leg of a star!
If you really want to see me jump in the car!"

Who had taught us 10/11 year olds this song I can no longer remember but we sang it with gusto!
And at the bit where it says "the hips" we wiggled our hips, "the lips" we pointed to our lips, "the leg" we stuck out our leg! and for "jump in the car" we did a sideways jump and then pretended to be holding onto a steering wheeel and shouted BRRRRM, BRRRRRRRRRM!

Anyhow, I digress - we were probably a bit like the gang from "Please Sir!" Certainly, no angels!

We put the dogs on their leads and headed for Chawton in Hampshire. A pretty little village and where Jane Austen used to live. The house is still there - it is now a museum.

We came across this horse in a field - stating the obvious! Just beyond the horse wild rabbits were frolicking in the early evening sun!

We walked past the post box!

And came upon some dream homes. I love that white door and the roses - wowsers!
I wish that our lawn looked that green and that lush!

Another dream home - I like the old knocker on the door and the heart wreath!

More wonderful cottages and super roses!

We came across elderflower in the hedgerow!

Another fantastic home!

And another. Even the bus shelter next door looks inviting!

Jane Austen's former home - now a museum!

We saw some more lovely cottages!

A glorious foxglove!

Does anyone know the name of this plant?

This house was my favourite although you can't see it all because of the high hedge. The garden wrapped itself all around the house - not just a front and back. There were children playing in the garden - what a wonderful house to grow up in! I said to the OH "Isn't that a stunning house!"
His reply "The windows are too small!"

We wandered further down a lane and came across this stunning building - the right architect with the right planning permission and this could be one hell of a home! What do you think?

As we headed back home - someone from a distance called us by name and it turned out to be KP's childminder from when she was a toddler to when she started pre school! She was out walking with her 14 year old son who had been 4 years old when we'd last seen him! We did a lot of catching up!

And what better after all that chatting than to sit in our local pub garden - the OH with some beer and me with a latte! Boring I know but it was beginning to get chilly!

We had set off at 7.00 p.m. and got back home just after 9.00 p.m.
A thoroughly enjoyable two hours and in the sunshine!

Until next time,



  1. What a wonderful walk, June. I'll have any of those houses or cottages please, aren't they wonderful? You made me chuckle with the songs you used to sing, I've got a few different ones in my repertoire. I went on a school trip to France when I was 13, we stayed in the Loire Valley and visited Paris on the way home. It must seem quiet without KP. I'm starting to get used to not having Daniel and Eleanor with us everywhere we go now that they're growing up, well, I'm used to not having Daniel around all the time, he's 17, but Eleanor is off doing things without us too sometimes now that she's nearly 14.

  2. What a lovely place Chawton is. We are blessed to have such beautiful villages in this part of the world. The white flowers look like a Philadelphus, possibly "Belle Etoile". I first came across one at a holiday cottage and loved the scent so much I bought one for my garden when we got back!

  3. Didn't think Jane Austen's house would be so big....but what photos June. I just love these sorts of walks and I love peeking in and around houses....bit nosy I know but I don't mean any harm. Give me the old places anytime though no modern for me. There is so much character in the old places.

    Aha! I see the sun rays got to you!

    Amanda :-)

  4. You always show us something different June. I simply love those cottages.. how delightful it would be to own one. I also agree.. the house you like, has small windows.. maybe for a reason!
    The wooden house would need a lot of work. I am sure it can tell you a lot of history.
    As for the Diana Dors ryme.. well..that is from my time. It must be very old. I am not sure if she is still alive!!
    lots of fun was made of the poor girl..she had such big..
    We used to sing when we skipped. "jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate" i am sure you know the rest. wibble !!!!
    dont know the name of the flowers.. I think one is a foxglove..! but then as you know I am hopless with flower names.
    Thanks for passing and leaving your kind comments.
    You must get your heading changed..
    happy tuesday

  5. I love that first cottage but agree with your husband about the other - those windows are tiny!

    Sounds like a very pleasant evening.

  6. I had never heard of the 'Bonfire' nor the 'Diana Dors' songs before,..though I grew up in Canada, so that may be why. We did have the wheels on the bus song though :) We mainly visited museums or farms on our field trips..never any where as exciting as France.
    Thanks for sharing the photo's of you walk. What a lovely village..I just love all the cottages! So pretty with all the trailing roses.
    Wishing you a nice evening..
    Magie x

  7. What a lovely evening walk. Aren't those houses so beautiful? I'd love to see what they're like inside and would love to visit Jane Austen's house as I'm a great fan of hers.

  8. I just love all the beautiful old houses, such a lovely walk in the evening sunshine, the light is lovely at that time of day xx


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