Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beware Scarecrows and Another Country Walk!

Hi there fellow bloggers and a big THANKYOU for all the lovely comments on my previous post. I do love reading them all!

Today's post  is really a continuation of yesterdays post when I posted about our trip to Tiverton on Bank Holiday Monday. As we were driving along we couldn't help but notice the Olympic themed scarecrows that were dotted around a certain village. Making a mental note to stop on the way back from Tiverton we did just that - stop and admire the handiwork of the villagers.

Is the one above supposed to be of Tom Daly?

We spotted a horserider / eventer - Is this supposed to be Zara Phillips?

We also spotted The Queen with one of her corgis! The attention to detail was marvellous - the corgi has his own cushion! I love the Queen's Coronation chair, her sceptre and orb and what about the corgi's crown!

I liked this one - Sync or Swim - the play on words made me smile!

A gymnast!

A cyclist - Is it Sir Chris Hoy!

Hurdling to the finish!


I don't know what this one is about! Is it the Olympic Protection Squad!

Could it be Sir Steve Redgrave or Mathew Pinsent!

Another Tom Daly perhaps!

Is this Usain Bolt and Prince Harry!

"Hello Queenie!"

So what did we do after our day out in Tiverton and having stopped and taken photographs of the scarecrows, we got home and decided that as it was a warm evening that we would go out for a walk with the dogs in the beautiful Devon countryside! A short distance into our journey I spotted this lovely cat who came up to me and started rubbing itself against my legs!
KP sat down next to the cat but it immediately became camera shy!

It then became less shy and started rubbing its head on KP's arm!

Finally, we get a photo of the cat and KP!

The cat watched KP, the OH and the dogs disappear down the lane!

We said "Goodbye!" to the village!

And were soon out in the open countryside - breathing in the fresh air, listening to the birds singing away and oh, so admiring of that view!

We saw field upon field with cows grazing or lying down - "A sure sign it's going to rain!" my Grandad used to say!

George waiting for KP to throw him his ball!

And I spent ages in the hedgerows espying bees and wild flowers!

I was as pleased as punch that this bee stayed still and he seems to have a friend as well!

More of the same bee - I did say he posed nicely!

The End!

I can't believe that I still have a few posts to go of our half term away! Please bear with me!
Having been so ill for so long it has felt good to be outside and with my camera in my hand!
I have still not returned to work as I'm still not a 100% but am at about 85% so hopefully not too long to go!

Until next time,


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  1. how utterly lovely your post is. We plunged in and relished it all... the amazing characters (inanimate, girly and feline... and floral... ) all sweet. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  2. Those scarecrows are brilliant. Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales does a scarecrow festival each year and we try to go to that. It's amazing how talented the people are who make them. George poses lovely for his photo taking, it's always an effort to get a photo of Archie before he's had enough and moves.

  3. Fantastic scarecrows, there's so much work gone into them. I love the Usain Bolt and Harry ones :)


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