Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walk ...

Yesterday afternoon we had a long, leisurely walk in the woods. When we visited the same woods last week there didn't seem to be as many people about. Today we saw several dogwalkers and horseriders on the bridlepath. It was a lovely day - the skies were a clear blue with no cloud in sight! It was bitterly cold though - a day to wrap up warm!
The woods are only a very short distance from one of Miss. K.'s friends house and so we picked her up en route.
The children were well behaved but the dogs well - that's another story altogether! Charlie, is a bit of a nuisance when he's off the lead and sees another dog - he wants to go up and say "Hello!" He turns completely deaf when you try to call him back and George - he's just a magnet for mud and water! He spotted every puddle possible on the walk and ran into it before there was any time to place him back on his lead!

This photo doesn't do any justice to the blueness of the sky!

The girls walking nicely on the path but Charlie is off on a frolic of his own - probably trying to find a badger (dachshunds were bred to go down badger holes and Charlie still has the instinct to go and find one!) and George is on his way to another puddle!

There's nothing better than a nice long walk with the dogs at the week-end. It's invigorating and relaxing at the same time!

These woods are truly spectacular and they're so vast. You could easily spend all day here!

You can either stick to the paths or venture off the beaten track!

The girls found a very long branch which they insisted on carrying with them!

We saw mushrooms which looked like ringed doughnuts which made us pretty peckish!

Even though it was gone half past three when I took this photo there was still signs that we'd had frost overnight!

The frost looked like sugar icing!

All too soon it was time to leave the woods. Miss. K.'s friend came back home with us for an hour before it was time to finish the school homework that had been set and to have our dinner!

After Miss. K. went to bed last night I discovered that there was a letter from the school - it was with some apprehension that the letter was opened as we knew it was likely to contain her exam results.
She passed her School Entrance Exam! That's one less thing to worry about!

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  1. Ooooh well done Miss K you clever thing!
    Super photos, particularly like the second one with the bare trees.

  2. What a fantastic wood with gorgeous trees, I really am quite envious and those mushrooms really do look like doughnuts .


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