Sunday, 22 January 2012

Five Go To Burton Bradstock ...

Sounds like an Enid Blyton Adventure Story doesn't it! On Saturday morning we studied some maps to see where we could go for the day. We hit on Burton Bradstock. We stayed in a cottage here during the Summer hols when Miss. K. was very small. It is a truly stunning village - a place where time seems to have stood still.
After parking the car we went and had a good old nosey around the village and I dreamt of being able to live in some of the fantastic properties. What is so wonderful about Burton Bradstock is that it is also so very near to the sea. We remembered that there was a great cafe on the beach and so made our way there for lunch. Its called "The Hive" ( - the food was superb and every table taken! It is dog friendly too!
They even sell dog treats!

Anyhow, our first stop was a look at the magnificent church.

We headed into the village and this was one of the first cottages that I saw that I could see myself living in!

We then deviated down a Public Footpath!

Whose fur is this!

We returned to the village and saw this gorgeous Georgian House with a fantastic conservatory on the side!
Oh, to win The Lottery!

I liked the paint colour on the door! Our house needs painting and I'm looking for some inspiration with the choice of paint colour!

The centre of the village! We then got back in the car and drove the short distance to the beach.

We had a brief walk along the beach before venturing to "The Hive." The food was sublime! I had the best cod, chips and mushy peas that I've ever had!

And what better way after eating all that food than to walk the dogs on the beach!

The waves were quite ferocious!

George who loves water was in his element!

He wanted to go off the lead! He wanted to run into the sea! He kept biting his lead hoping that we'd take it off!

"What does a dog have to do to get these humans to take the hint!"

"Oh, I give up!"

"If I look longingly at the sea - maybe that will do the trick!"

"If I look beseechingly into her eyes!"

"Well, if she's going to ignore me. I'll ignore her! Two can play at that game!"

"She's not going to let me, is she!"

A wonderful day!

We'll be back - of that I'm sure!

There seems to be something up with Blogger and I've seen a couple of comments on other peoples blogs saying the same thing. Leaving comments is impossible as the screen just freezes! Hopefully, this will be resolved soon!

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  1. Hi June
    Lovely post. We were only a couple of miles along the coast from you yesterday!
    I've had the comment problem on some blogs but this seems ok. However for some reason although I follow you your new posts don't come through to my dashboard!??
    Have a good week


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