Saturday, 14 January 2012

The New Forest ...

This morning we got up extra early so that we could head down to the New Forest. The weatherman had promised good weather but hadn't mentioned how cold it would be!
The spiders webs on our railings looked great!

We decided to head down initially to the New Forest Wildlife Park before grabbing some lunch and then delivering very late Christmas presents to Miss. K.'s cousins!
When we arrived at the Wildlife Park we commented how cold it was and were dubious as to whether any of the animals would come out of their hiding holes.
The otters were the first to greet us.

We saw two otters play fighting in a small pond in their enclosure - rolling over and over in the water oblivious to being observed having such fun!

We followed the path to the fox enclosure where there is a two way mirror - we could see the fox but it couldn't see us!

We came across more otters!

"Well! Would you believe it - our pond is frozen!"
Can you see the second otter from the right - he went in and cut some of the ice, you can see the piece if you look closely. In doing this he injured his paw and was bleeding from a cut - poor mite!

"Just checking that it's completely frozen!"

Inspecting the injured paw!

We continued along the path towards the tame deer who insisted on trying to eat our coats and shoelaces!

"Oh, no - you don't!"

Finally, we came across the wolves! We also saw a Lynx but it was too far away for a photo and the Scottish Wildcats stayed well hidden - in the warmth of their pen! And who could blame them!

On the way from the Wildlife Centre we stopped to admire New Forest ponies!

I love seeing the ponies and every time we venture into the New Forest I have to have my fix!

Ever wondered how a pony scratches its ears! Well, now you know!

I was surprised to see that so many of the gorse bushes still had their yellow flowers! Not for long though if this pony had his way!

"So many gorse bushes and all mine!" 

There wasn't much decent food about!

The ponies are so accustomed to humans they don't run away! Some were quite happy being stroked but others were more wary!

I loved this pony's white socks!

I loved the diamond on this ones forehead!

Beautiful ponies in all sorts of colours!

You can see what I mean about the gorse still being in flower!

All too soon it was time to say Goodbye to the New Forest and to deliver those late Christmas presents!
After an hours play with her cousins - making things out of Lego - it was time to go home.
I couldn't believe it that as we drove back at 4.30 p.m. there was still frost in the corners of the fields which had not had any sunshine!
I hope that tomorrow the weather will be as good as it was today as we plan to take the dogs for a long walk!

Until next time,



  1. It's such a special place isn't it and lovely to see the horses have all that freedom.They look in good condition too which is reassuring.Sorry the poor little otter cut his paw :0( We must visit that wildlife park next time we're down that way.We pass through on our way back from Devon,so it's a quick 'wee' for Bella,and then back in the car,and on our way.
    Enjoy your walk! :0)

  2. I love the New Forest. Actually we are going to a long weekend there soon. You got good shots of the otters in the park. Last time I was there they didn't want to stay still for me to photograph them. :)


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