Saturday, 7 January 2012

Furry Friends and an Unexpected Visit to Seatown ...

The sun is out shining brilliantly here at the moment but it is deceptive as it is very cold.  I can put up with the cold it's just rain I can't stand especially torrential downpours which makes walking the dog an impossibility and driving conditions bad. A few days ago whilst  in our little bolthole in Devon both wind and rain were being vicious in equal measure. That sort of rain where even a quick trip to the bin has you completely soaked to the skin and where you want to stay in huddled by the fire. Charlie, our standard wire coated dachshund doesn't approve of the rain either - he will walk to the door begging to go for a walk but when you open the door and he sees the rain he backs away with an expression that says "Perhaps not today!" George, our spaniel - on the other hand, would be only too pleased to run and splash in the rain "The bigger the puddle, the greater the fun!"
George has also developed this craze when he first sees you of walking or should I say jumping on top of you and then walking around you in a circle - treating you as if you were a roundabout! We're calling it his roundabouting phase as we're hoping he'll grow out of it! These photos demonstrate the roundabout phase!

Whenever you see George, you will ineviatbly see a chew toy! He has to carry them around or else Charlie will steal them - not because Charlie wants the treat you understand but, because he doesn't want George to have it!
Those big bones are a darned nuisance during the rounabout phase as you get clobbered by the chew toy!

"Now, listen here George - stop it!"
George's reply - "I don't want to!"

"Right then - we'll skip to plan B - give him a cuddle so I can capture this on camera!"

This little chappie co-operated and sat down nicely!

His begging for food look!
Well, after being cooped up for a few days we ventured out to Bridport. Although it wasn't raining the weather was apocalyptic. On our way we saw a car that had left the road and was half on the verge / half on a wall. The fields were waterlogged where the rivers and streams had burst their banks. Many of the antique and vintage shops in Bridport were shut as was the cafe where we'd hoped to have some lunch!

Thank God for Costa! Just as we were heading in that direction it started to rain and so it was a mad dash to get there before getting a soaking! Luckily however it turned out to be only a drizzle!

On the way home we decided to stop at Seatown - to see the waves. The photos do not do justice to the height of the waves - most between 6' and 7' and some as tall as 10'!

Our Daughter, holding on to her hat - the wind was very strong!

The waves were fantastic but not I suppose if you were at sea in a boat!

The sun was setting as we arrived. It had just gone half past three!

The hat that I purchased at the Christmas Fair on the Southbank has proved popular with many admiring remarks! A good buy for £9.00!

From here on in I will let the photos do the talking ...

I just love the sound of huge crashing waves!

That song "Crazy Horses" by The Osmonds was going around and around in my head. The waves look like white horses galloping to the shore.

There is something magical about a sunset!

Our Daughter - with the hat and wearing the scarf that I was knitting a few posts ago and gave to her as one of her Christmas presents. Still can't quite believe that I finished it in time although it was an easy peasy pattern and was one of those that grew very fast!

We had the place virtually all to ourselves. There was one other like minded soul with a camera!

When I see the cliffs and the expanse of the sea it makes me feel insignificant!

The Other Half and Our Daughter!

More photos to feast your eyes on. I went a bit over the top, I'm afraid! That's the beauty of digital you can take a lot and if they turn out to be rubbish you can just delete them! The rubbish I took and had to pay to be developed in the good old days of film - those photos where people walked into your shot or where an animal moved just as you took the photo! I'm sure I've got a sufficient amount of those in various boxes to wallpaper a  bathroom with!

Almost finished ...

The last photo of Seatown! Got there eventually!

A final shot of Charlie. The most patient of dogs having to put up with the other live wire, George!

Since I started this post the wind has been and almost blown one of our fence panels away!  The Other Half has been busy digging a hole and placing one of those concrete posts in the ground. With two dogs the last thing we want is a garden with a fence panel missing! Charlie is an escapologist at the best of times. Whilst George, who you would think would be the one to run away - is the coward and would just stay put!

Hoping you're all nice and warm on this blustery day!

Thank you for you comments on my previous posting and hello to my new follower!

Until next time,


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