Sunday, 8 January 2012

Feline Friends ...

Every once in awhile I am surprised with a bunch of flowers from the Other Half. This doesn't happen too often mind you so it's more special when it does. On Friday evening after work he went out shopping and came back with some flowers and set about cooking our evening meal - shepherds pie with carrots, sprouts and broccoli! Lovely it was too!

On Saturday morning Our Daughter had a School Entrance Exam - I hope she's done O.K. It didn't really help when I was checking her school bag on Friday night that I discovered a letter in her bag advising her to check some web sites for previous SATS papers to practice on!

Whilst Our Daughter was sitting the exam I was at home probably far more nervous than she was. To relax I wandered around the house with my camera taking photos of the cats!
Ruby was the first one I spotted - in the box room, relaxing on an old comfy quilt! I grabbed a ribbon from a nearby drawer to get her attention.

Little Ruby loves playing with ribbons! As soon as the ribbon's out of the drawer she starts purring very LOUDLY!

"Give it to me!"

"I think I'm just going to watch it for a while!"

"No, I'm going to see what it tastes like!"

In our bedroom I spotted Archie and got another ribbon out for him to play with!
"Look you can't just tease me with it and expect me to give it back to you!"

"It's mine now!"

"You might want to have it back but it doesn't mean I'm going to give it to you!"

"I'm rather fond of this ribbon and I think it goes beautifully with my colouring!"

"Oh, go on then -  You can have it!"

Next, I came across Millie (Milhaus) in Our Daughters' bedroom. He was very interested in that purple ribbon - it was claws straight in, followed by some biting.

"It's mine!"

"Don't take it away!"

"Oh, go on then!"

At the top of Our Daughters' bed was Oscar,  fast asleep. A thunderstorm would not have shifted him!

So off I went in search of Poppy. She was to be found on another eiderdown. That saying if you want to find the best place in the house - just look for the cat is so true!

By now it was lunch-time and Our Daughter had just arrived home in time to be fed! Milhaus hoping to get some of the chicken in Our Daughter's sandwich! I aksed her how she had got on with the exam.
The only comment - "Alright, I think!" Time will tell!

It's lunch-time so Poppy is there too! This cat is exceptionally greedy and is always the first on the scene when there's food about! She bullies all the other cats away from the food bowls. They are not allowed near until she's had what she wants and then she leaves the others to scramble for what's left!

Licking her lips at the thought of some chicken!

Looking longingly at the sandwich!

"If I make myself look really pretty on this fluffy pink cushion can't you see it in your heart to give me some!"

Our Daughter ate her sandwich but of course kept a bit of the chicken from the sandwich to give to the cats!
No wonder they sometimes turn their nose up at tinned / sacheted cat food!

On Sunday we took the dogs for a long walk in some nearby woods.
George found some water and Charlie as usual skirted around the puddles - I suppose being a dachshund it isn't so pleasureable being in the water as his tummy as well as his legs would get wet!

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  1. I can't get enough of your cat pictures! They are really good! You should make a book!
    And the cat's are the pretiest of course! :)
    Happy New Year!XX

  2. Happy New Year June! Thank you for your New year messages on my blog. Your cats are beautiful, thanks for sharing the photos. Hope all went well with your daughter's exam, fingers crossed. x

  3. Those cats are absolutely gorgeous!


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