Friday, 6 January 2012

The First Posting of 2012!

Well, Hello 2012! Good-bye 2011! It's hard to believe that we're six days into the New Year already - time really does seem to fly these days!
Above is George - in the doghouse because on New Years Eve he discovered a six pack of kitchen roll and decided to have his own game of creating hell in the kitchen! He did as much mess as possible and he did it all without us hearing it when we were only in the room next door!

I haven't done a posting for some time as there seemed to be a problem with downloading my photos from my camera to the computer. For a long time I suspected that it was the camera - I'd been pushing and prodding various buttons without really knowing what I was doing. The camera was cursed on a number of occasions! The Other Half quietly said "Are you sure it's not the computer that's to blame." I wasn't convinced initially but now I think that the problem is to do with the computer! I've mucked around with the computer - don't ask me what I've done but my photos are a bit better than they were before! When we'd been to Paris in the Summer I had dropped the camera and then when on holiday in Kent I'd done the same when a rather large lady insisted on sitting next to me on an a bench - by squashing her backside into a space that was too small for her posterior! When I went to get up, my camera got caught somehow and crashed onto the pavement and the lens flew off! Infact, I think the camera has been involved in quite a few scrapes and has not been assisted by me taking it with me to the seaside enabling it to be attacked by sea-salt and sand!  I really thought it was ringing its death knoll having suffered too much abuse!

On New Years Eve we had a quiet night at home - sitting in front of the fire, watching the usual TV programmes with the odd glass of Pear Cider! This year Our Daughter did stay up until midnight! Last year she tried, bless her, but fell asleep before the sound of Big Ben and Auld Lang Syne! To occupy the time to the countdown Our Daughter made some pretty New Years cards to post to the grandparents!

And then the countdown started followed by the spectacular firework display!

Since then, we've had a trip to Lyme Regis with the dogs. George, just loves water - at the sight of any water he gets very excitable so, to see such a great expanse of water he was deliriously happy and dragged Our Daughter with him!

The dog is dragged away from the sea!

The sea was still, like a mill pond and the sky was blue! It really was hard to believe that it was Winter!
A few hours later and it wasn't so hard to believe that it was January as the wind whistled down the chimney and the rain fell in buckets and rivers burst their banks!

But in Lyme all was calm, all was bright!

Our Daughter, the Other Half and those dogs, George and Charlie!

The harbour at Lyme!

The Cobb where The French Lieutenants' Woman was filmed!

Another view of The Cobb!

George escaped his lead and ran into the sea!

The boats at Lyme!

Fishing trawler!

There were plenty of seagulls waiting patiently for people to drop a chip or two!

The seaside isn't the seaside without a seagull trying to steal your chips!

Another photo of the harbour, boats and those pesky seagulls!

I love those pastel painted beach-huts. Most you can rent but at a premium!

For our tea we had some fish and chips whilst sat admiring the view whilst ignoring the dogs who were begging for some food - whimpering and making soulful eyes - almost putting the seagulls to shame!

All too soon it was time to go back home!

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  1. what a wonderful post - not the naughtiness it began with.. that little tinker! but he does look a dear! .. loved the photos - worry about them? They are super now they are downloaded. I drop my camera and it is shoved about (but I think its not in the same class as yours). Love Lyme - such a gorgeous place. Great, great, great post. Happy New Year, Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  2. Naught doggie lol, we used to have a cat that did that, he used to grab hold of the roll with all 4 paws and then kick like mad with the back 2 until it was all ripped off!! Living on the coast we are used to seagulls now, they even nest on the chimney pots in our street which leads to major dive bombing incidents when the babies are fledging. Love your daughters hat.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. We seem to have both kicked off the new year in Lyme Regis! It is lovely isn't it? your photos are great.

  4. Aah, my most favourite seaside! We are BIG fans of Lyme and go there as often as possible. I love your photos, they are so clear and exceptionally bright and lively - just beautiful! And I adore your dogs - especially dripping and soggy from their dip in the sea!
    Happy New Year to you,
    Josie x
    PS: I've found my way here via Purrfect Haven. I'll be back again soon!


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