Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Boxing Day Hunt ...

And in the blink of an eye - Christmas has been and gone! All that anticipation and preparation - buying the presents, wrapping them up and storing them in various locations around the house until the big day was upon us - no mean achievement now that the spell that there isn't a Santa has been broken. Always a difficult thing to decide - when to tell? I remember being told by my Mum as a youngster just before Christmas that Santa wasn't real and I cried like a baby! I asked her recently why she told me so close to Christmas - apparently, I'd been going on for weeks saying that I knew that Santa didn't exist as it was impossible for him to come down the chimney especially, as it had been blocked up when my parents got rid of the open fireplace for a trendy electric fire! 
My parents were down for Christmas and helped with the Christmas food shop - we nearly forgot the sprouts. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without sprouts! The Other Half and Our Daughter could quite easily forgo them - "Sprouts - Yuck! Do I have to eat one!" I, on the other hand, detest chipolata sausages whilst Our Daughter loves them! So we did a deal I had extra sprouts and she had extra chipolatas - everyone was happy! Just as we should be on Christmas Day!
It goes without saying that we all ate and drank too much! Expanding waistbands will need to be taken care of come the New Year!

On Boxing Day the local Hunt gathers on the green near to where we live in Hampshire. Putting aside views on whether you agree or not with hunting it is a spectacle worth seeing. The riders, their horses and the hounds - ever so friendly weaving in and out of the crowds looking for some attention!

Some crowd members got a lot of attention!

Our Daughter looking a bit apprehensive with one of the hounds and my Dad!

As soon at the horn blew all the hounds gathered round - knowing that it was only a short time before they would be off!

Young members of the Hunt!

Our Daughter with the Other Half and his Mum with those dastardly hounds, George and Charlie! They had been given Christmas presents - George a squeaky toy and Charlie a rope pull. For most of Christmas Day they decided that they each preferred the others present - we had a few squabbles when  they both decided  they wanted to play with the same toy! At one time both toys had to be removed to avoid the outbreak of World War Three!

Well, that's it for this year. I hope that you all have a fantastic New Year!

Until then,


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