Monday, 9 January 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Having not achieved much on Saturday morning worrying about Our Daughter at school sitting her School Entrance Exam and mucking around with the cats to calm my nerves (see previous posting - feline friends) it was time on Sunday to go out and about, get a bit of fresh air, etc.

Our Daughter had recently attended a school friends Birthday party and the Other Half had got chatting to one of the mums whilst picking her up and discovered a new place where we could go to walk the dogs.
We drove to the woods - only four miles from home and yet we hadn't been here before!
As we discovered this was an amazing find and we shall be back another day to explore some more!

It was so peaceful and quiet - for most of the walk, it was just us, the dogs and the sound of birdsong!
At the end of the walk we even caught a glimpse of a deer - it was a fleeting glimpse.  It ran from some undergrowth across the path we were walking on and literally dived into the undergrowth on the other side.  I was glad that we had only a few minutes before put the dogs back on their leads otherwise there could have been a huge disturbance to the peace and tranquility of this place!

I think this is a type of moss!

The woods were truly spectacular and although there were smaller paths you could take we decided to stick to the main one in case we got lost! It has been known to happen!

George takes a rest!

Our Daughter with George - hard to believe that today she was 11 years old - Happy Birthday, my little one! Although you're not so little any more!

This is a fantastic place with many different types of trees!

George, as usual, found the muddiest puddle he could find and ran into it and then started drinking the stuff!


The woods had many tall, imposing trees. Who knows how long they have stood here for!

Oh dear, I now have to contend with a Daughter who likes to see whether her wellies are waterproof!

A magical place!

Our Daughter posing in her wellies!

I loved our walk - only an hour and a half but oh, so very worth it!

Our Daughter with some cones - we brought them home to decorate a window sill with!

Tree climbing again!

As the School Entrance Exam took place on Saturday there was no school today for Our Daughter and so we took her and a school friend to a Zoological Park!
They had great fun and we had some close encounters with a tiger and a snow leopard amongst many other interesting animals! More on a later posting!

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  1. I love the photo of the cones and I like the branch of cones you've taken home - I would have done so too, they look pretty (but would end up getting very dusty in my house)


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