Thursday, 8 December 2011

Too Many Squirrels to Count ...

We were very lucky with the weather last weekend. Who would have believed that it would be so mild in December. Having packed our weekend bag and left it with the Concierge we strolled out of the hotel towards Trafalgar Square, stopping only in a nearby convenience shop to purchase some monkey nuts for the squirrels we were hoping to catch a glimpse of in St. James' Park.
We waved goodbye to Nelson's Column and headed for Admiralty Arch and down The Mall.

We walked past the Duke of York's Column - he who had ten thousand men!

We entered St. James' Park - did we see any squirrels. Not initially, but we did see a heron with a hostile and menacing glint in his eye. Standing silently like a statue but ever so very aware of his surroundings. Poor fish - they wouldn't stand a chance with that monstrous beak!

And then we caught our first glimpse of a squirrel. They were so cheeky - these daredevil squirrels and so very fast - a quick dart here and a quick grab there and they're gone! Whoosh!

What amazed me was the amount of different species of birds there were. My knowledge of birds is limited but I thought that most would have migrated by now to warmer climates!

The ever so attentive geese and pigeons!
"Feed us, please!"

But we liked the squirrels best.

Some posed nicely!

 Being inquisitive!

"Yes, that's mine. Thankyou!"

They got cheekier and cheekier!

We saw another heron!

We reached the Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace.

Is this a coot or moorhen - I'm not that good on my birds. What impressed me were the size of the feet!

Not only did the squirrels get cheeky but so did the pigeons!
"Watch the bag that's where the food is!"

"Look, I know you've got some nuts hidden somewhere - I WILL FIND THEM!"

"Do you think they'll climb up my leg Dad?"
"Do they scratch?"
Reply - "There's only one way to find out!"

"Wait till I tell my friends at school about this!"

"GIve it to me or I'll steal your map!"

"These nuts are yummy!"

"Come closer or I might fall off this railing!"

Some trees still had most of their leaves - Is it really December?

"Thankyou, you're most kind!"

"It's mine. I won't share!"

"Did anyone say - NUTS!"

"Yum, Yum!"

We stayed in the Park for an hour and a half! Great enjoyment for 96p - the price of a bag of monkey nuts!
Someone could have stayed much longer - "I love the squirrels!"
We left the Park and walked towards Big Ben and Westminster Bridge as I'd read that there was a Christmas Market on the Southbank.
More next time,

Until then,



  1. Hey June you got some great shots of those squirrels. Such cheeky little things and so quick, but they are just tooo cute........The Heron is a rather scarey looking up close too

    Looks like it was mighty chilly that day.

    I'm hosting my first giveaway. If you're interested just pop over and leave a comment.

    Have a great weekend,
    Claire :}

  2. Have a most lovely time gearing up for Christmas, dear June xx

  3. Cheeky little blighters - I think I would of screamed then run.

    Nina x


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