Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square

Having finished our dash around Shoreditch looking for new street art and having stopped and bought a few Christmas presents in a shop that sells lovely individual quirky jewellery at reasonable prices we hailed a taxi to Covent Garden. I usually love Covent Garden but I didn't enjoy it as much as the World, his brother and a few cousins(!) had decided to go there too!
We had some lunch at a nearby cafe and tried to mooch our way around but we seemed to have no choice as to where we wanted to go as the crowd just seemed to move us along with their momentum!

Can you see the crowd all jostling trying to get in front of each other! A pick pockets paradise!
The indoor market area had been decorated with great big shiny baubles!

And some wonderful candy stick wreaths!

Outside there was a huge, huge tree(!) No kidding!
The crowds weren't as bad once out of the indoor market place.
We knew that "Matilda" was at the Cambridge Theatre and that it was nearby. We wandered around the streets and lo and behold we came across it!

Having discovered the theatre and knowing that it wasn't too far from the hotel we were staying at and easily walkable we ventured to Trafalgar Square.

We could see that a crowd had gathered and that people were watching this guy performing. Clearly - double jointed! It brought tears to my eyes just watching him!

How the hell did he do that! He was also very, very funny!

Don't try this at home! He could squeeze his own body through a tennis racket - by, wait for it - pulling his shoulder from its socket - not a pleasant sound!

I'm sure he'll suffer with arthritis as he gets older!

After the performance we were amazed at how quickly it seemed to get dark.

I liked the pink light on the fountain!

And also the purple!

In the evening we made our way to the Cambridge Theatre. "Matilda" - The Musical was FAB!
A definite must see!
I always see these rickshaws when I'm in London but never see anyone getting in them!

Night-time in Trafalgar Square!

The tall Christmas tree all lit up!

Doesn't the fountain look splendid!

On Sunday morning we once again headed in the direction of Trafalgar Square but this time side-stepped past it to The Mall and onto St. James' Park to spot some squirrels!

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  1. I'd love to see Matilda at the theatre......glad you had fun!

    London is amazing and crazy!



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