Monday, 12 December 2011

London Calling ...

Having left St. James' Park we walked towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
We could feel that there was a change in the air and it felt as if it was going to rain and a few minutes after we walked across Westminster Bridge towards the Christmas Market on the Southbank - that's what happened!

I love this area of London and the seat of our government! It just smacks of history - Parliament Square with its statues of past Prime Ministers and peaceful protesters!

We crossed Westminster Bridge and saw the London Eye. Normally, the queues are pretty off-putting - not so many people queuing today
but then it was raining and a bit overcast so the views wouldn't be the best!

We arrived on the Southbank and looked back to catch a glimpse of the Houses of Parliament and the imposing Big Ben!

We wandered around the Christmas Market which because of the rain wasn't as packed as it could have been. The photo above makes it look as if there was hardly anybody there but this was taken some distance from the market and is deceptive in that regard.

We dodged the rain and climbed the steps onto Waterloo Bridge from there we could see The Square Mile and the rooftop of St. Paul's Cathedral.

All too soon it was time to pick up our weekend bag from the hotel's Concierge and hail a taxi to take us to Waterloo Station.
Another weekend packed full of activity - I needed a week off to recover!
Did I get it - no, it was back to work with a vengeance on Monday morning!

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