Monday, 19 December 2011

Sublime Lyme ...

Last week was one of those weeks where a lot got done but there wasn't much to show for it!
Work at the minute is just very hectic. No sooner do I think that I have time for some last minute Christmas shopping when another busy day at the office beckons and puts paid to the best laid plans.
The Round Table called and we saw Santa and waved!
Our Daughter's school closed early for Christmas and so on Thursday we were able to head down to our beloved Devon.
Whilst the weather man had been forecasting rain we woke on Friday morning to glorious sunshine.  There is nowhere better than the beach at Lyme at this time of year when the tourists have gone and you can have the esplanade virtually all to yourself.

I couldn't believe that the sky was so blue.
I just love the beach at this time of year and if truth be known I actually prefer it like this - not many people about and you can just stroll about aimlessly - taking it all in at your own pace, it gives you time to unwind from the stresses of life. 

The waves always work their magic - I used to scoff at people buying CD's with the sound of waves etc as a youngster now I just so get it! A sign of getting older or a sign of getting wiser - hopefully a mixture of both!

Spectacular waves!

I just love that little mist that rises with the waves!

 Our Daughter sporting her new hat - an early Christmas present from the Christmas Market on the Southbank. I thought it was a bargian at £9.00 - nice, warm and quirky!

The Other Half found a plastic ball - "Catch!" he yelled as he threw it at Our Daughter!

If you look closely at this photo you can just about make out a surfer to the right.

Enjoying the beach!

It's so quiet - just us, a few surfers and a few like minded souls! Bliss!

In Summer the beach is heaving - it's virtually elbow to elbow on the sand. I do love those multi-coloured beach huts!

The surfers spent more time off than on their boards!


How I wish that I lived closer to the sea - it would be wonderful to wake up to this view in the morning!

Writing initials in the sand!

Yes, at this time of year when the sun is shining there is nowhere better to be than ...
Sublime Lyme!

On Friday night our neighbours came round for wine, mince pies and nibbles.
A wonderful day followed by a relaxing evening.
Just what the doctor ordered!

Until next time,


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  1. thanks for visiting... our boys are Birmans. It is lovely to visit you too.. we love Devon too... and espcially the Beer, Seaton coastline. Lyme is a great favourite too - much loved (especially the Alexandra Hotel for tea). Loved your photos - evocative and a wonderful respite before hectic Xmas! Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx


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