Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Beer in December ...

Saturday was once again a lovely day - plenty of sunshine and although there was still a mountain high of stuff to do such as buying presents and getting organized for Christmas - it just didn't feel right to miss such a wonderful opportunity of enjoying the great outdoors.
We wrapped up warm and headed out to Beer and the dogs came too! They thoroughly enjoyed the beach.
Neither had been before and I was quite apprehensive about George, the cocker spaniel going there. Why? Well, let's just say that he likes water a bit too much! I had visions of him swimming out to sea and us being unable to get him back!

The beach huts at Beer!

Our Daughter with Charlie, our standard wire-coated dachsund.

George - looking at the sea! "Shall I, Shan't I!"

"No, I'd better not! It looks a bit cold and anyway I only like very dirty, muddy puddles. I can make all sorts of patterns on the kitchen floor. They really don't appreciate my artwork - no sooner have I finished when they come and wash the floor with disinfectant! Some people have no taste!"

Our Daughter!

Beach stuff!

Our Daughter with the two rascals!


Beach finds!

"Oh, that big pond out there does look ever so inviting!"

"If I lift my paw and beg nicely they might let me go and enjoy myself! There's nothing better than a wet dog!"

All too soon the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky. Time to go and grab a nice hot chocolate in a nearby cafe!

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  1. S-I-G-H.... one of my most favourite places EVER, packed full of joyful memories. I go a couple of times a year to stay in cottage of a friend and know every part of Beer. Love eating at Gina's and the Dolphin. Lovely post and pictures. we wish you a very happy and peaceful festive time. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx


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