Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree ...

 Being busy at work over the past week and a half has made me loose my blogging mojo!
What with work during the day and then in the evening attending Carol Concerts and the Christmas Production at Our Daughters' School it has been full on, to say the least.
It has been a case of  going from here to there and back again - so that muggins forgot to take the camera with her - so no photos of Our Daughter as a villager in the school play! In any event, we arrived late and had to sit at the back with a very limited view of the stage - I think at one point I caught a glimpse of Our Daughters' head as she whizzed past during a dancing routine!
On the Saturday she was off to a friends Birthday Party followed by a sleepover - not much sleeping took place! Following discussions before she went to the Party "You can't buy one without me - I want to help you choose it!" - we agreed that we would wait until the Sunday when she got home to go and buy the Christmas Tree. On the short trip to the Garden Centre she fell asleep!

Having picked a tree and got it home - she fell asleep again on the way back!
The Other Half then had to do his disappearing trick into the loft with all the cobwebs and dust to get the boxes containing all the baubles and lights. I couldn't believe that we actually had four sets of lights! We did the test of plugging them in and then remembered that only two sets worked! Why did we keep the ones that didn't work! Would it surprise you that we've put them back in the loft - just in case! In case of what I don't know!!!

Anyhow after the boxes came down we got down to some serious decorating. We had as is customary each picked a new bauble for the tree. Glittery red tinsel has been wrapped around the bannister and a few other bits and pieces have been arranged on the hearth - there is still a lot to do and I haven't written the cards and I haven't got all the presents either. I just wish I was more organized but life sometimes just gets in the way. As John Lennon sang "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

As we were gifted a day and night without Our Daughter we took the dogs for a walk. Even at half past three the quality of the light was fading.

We saw a few interesting things en route!

But mainly it was too cold for me to take my gloves off to take a shot!

All the trees are now bare just a few berries on display - Winter is officially here!

The tree at night-time!  The rain has been incessant, lashing at the windows non-stop and the wind has fared no better whistling down the chimney. It's been nice and cosy by the fire though with just the lights of the tree and a few scented candles!

Until next time,



  1. Hi June - I'm hoping things are going to settle down now.....until this weekend that is - I can hope.

    The technique you asked about is called bokeh - it's all about defocusing and picking up light. I guess maybe just practice plus this time of year is perfect with all the pretty fairy lights. Good luck,

    Nina x

  2. I love the photos from your walk, especially the 2nd & 4th ones.
    I hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas day!


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