Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Still on a Street Art Tour ...

Following on from yesterday's post I have some more street art to show you. Some of them I have posted previously but they are artistic and impressive and too good to ignore! We came across this Picasso style street art. You can just imagine this on a warehouse wall and yet it's there on the street for more than one person to enjoy!

I was disappointed that this street art which is sited next to the one above had been graffiti'd on. There is a wide gulf between art and graffiti!

Some of the street artists come back and paint over their work when someone spoils it. The one above with the man with the beard had been graffiti'd over but now is back to its pristine condition! Good for him!

A rioter perhaps!

The Malarky wall!

Our Daughter with her camera photographing some street art!
She knows the name of the street artists better than me!

This building had been worked on by several street artists. I just love the beetle / cockroach metal sculpture
waving at people as they walk or drive down the road!

Some walls have been specifically designated as areas where street artists can paint without fear of being criminalised! This is one of them! The last time we were here there was a brilliant artwork - now painted over with the British flag! I hope that the local councils allow these artworks to remain in place. I suspect that some bureaucrat will insist that they are painted over for the Olympics - destroying the areas individualness.

This was on a wall in a car park!

In the same car park was this new street art.

The C215 that Our Daughter was taking a photo of! This is on a pillar in a car park that is being re-developed. His partner, the street artist - Alice had a work on another pillar of a girl with a cat - this had disappeared, painted over back to a drab grey!

A closer look at that beetle / cockroach!

On the top of the building you can just about make out that there is another work by Muro and Matem.

Another new street artwork!

This one was here when we previously visited!

This street artwork has been around for some time. I hope it's not painted over!

We came across this street artwork again. It was done this Summer by a street artist from Columbia!

This was the first street artwork that we ever came across. It is by Roa - a Belgian street artist and is sited on The Old Foundry building which has a Banksy inside! The site is being re-developed. The Banksy has a preservation order on it and is said to have added £100,000 to the value of the building! The bureaucrats should think of this when they order that street art be painted over!

 New street art on the wall of The Old Foundry - not to my taste but well executed. It reminds me of various LP covers from the late 1970's / early 1980's! Now I'm showing my age - so I'd better sign off!

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