Monday, 5 December 2011

A Return to Brick Lane

For the weekend we were in London to see "Matilda" at the Cambridge Theatre. It was brilliant! We had seen the show earlier in the year when it had its original short run at Stratford.
The only criticism - that the acoustics at the Cambridge weren't as good as at Stratford but this is a show that is very entertaining and would be enjoyed by young and old alike and was always destined to run for far longer than its three month stint! The guy who plays Miss. Trunchbull is awesome! The songs extremely catchy - if you have the chance do go and see it.
We weren't due at the theatre until 7.30 p.m. and so what better to do than to go galivanting around Brick Lane looking for any new street art and traipsing around the vintage shops en route! There is also a small wonderful shop that sells quirky jewellery which is not too expensive - so, of course, we had to stop and have a look at what was on offer!
At the start of our little jaunt we came across this new street art. In the spot where it was painted there was previously another artwork with hands meeting akin to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. That is what I like about street art one minute it's there and the next it's gone. To be admired for a short while only! I know street art is not to every ones taste but it does brighten up a dull area. This area of London is being re-developed in time for the Olympics in 2012. I hope that the planners don't allow the uniqueness of this area to disappear in an attempt to win some World recognition - like the doomed Dome!

We then came across the above which we saw on our last visit. It's pretty impressive - on such a large scale and yet the eyes have so much expression in them ...

We came across the work of Malarky. He paints using very bright colours and there is a lot of circles, squares and traingles in his work.

We came across a C215 work that we had spotted previously. It was positioned inside a doorway. There had been another art work by him opposite this but it had been painted over!

Someone had painted the word "Mother" over an older Malarky! You can just make out the C215 artwork from above on the right.

We came across this new street art. I don't know who this is by!

We came across the Connor Harrington street art that we have seen many, many times before. Why are some things obliterated and others survive unscathed!

A street artist had some fun with parking spaces!

I saw this in a window and it just made me giggle. Pretty much sums up most of our politicians!

Carrying on with the theme!

We came across the Truman Brewery with its tall chimney that dominates the Shoreditch skyline.

Another new street art.

Right in the middle of our tour we stopped in a play area. Hard to believe but we were in London surrounded by vast estates and yet we were the only ones there! At least none of the equipment had been vandalised! Our Daughter had a great 20 minutes here - on the zip wire, on the swings and on a swirly wirly thing!

We came across some pink gums and teeth - the work of Sweet Toof!

Enjoying the zip wire!

Our Daughter enjoying some bouncy twirly thing with the Other Half!

And the swirly wirly thing alluded to above!

From the park you can see how close we were to the Square mile. To the left of the above but not in the photo is the famous Gherkin but you can just about see it in the window panes of that tall building!

Another new street artwork!

And another by Muro and Matem. Many street artists collaborate!

And this was above the work of Muro and Matem!
"Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all ..."

Of course as usual I took far too many photos and will have to put them into another posting.
Having finished in Shoreditch we caught a taxi to Covent Garden for some lunch and from there we wended our way to Trafalgar Square for some street entertainment!

From there we headed to our hotel so that our feet could have some respite before we grabbed a taxi to the Cambridge Theatre to see "Matilda!"

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N.B. Thanks for the comments on my last post - they are appreciated!

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  1. I have never done this ! It's now on my MUST DO list next time I'm in London - thanks for showing.
    I love the film Matilda & really enjoy musicals. Jess & I intend to do a London weekend in the New Year so - who knows we may get to see it !


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