Monday, 7 November 2011

A Woodland Walk - A Bit of Deja Vu!

We got up early as muggins who had been messing around with Our Daughter's alarm clock had set it accidentally to go off at some ungodly hour. I wasn't popular!
All I could hear was "What's that noise?" from Our Daughter and "Turn that bloody thing off!" from the Other Half!
After all that commotion I then couldn't go back to sleep so got out of bed and had a simple breakfast of croissant and a cup of tea and read the paper - which at the moment is far too depressing - the Greek bail out which seemed to be on a few days ago is now on hold and it looks as if other countries are also in a bad way financially and we're pretty desperate in this country too!
There was nothing for it than to go and do some housework and forget about the troubles of the World, whilst pummelling the pillows I could at least pretend that they were the bankers who got us into this mess! 

Enough of  politics - after lunch we got in the car and drove back to the wooded area we'd been to a few weeks ago. This time we walked around the pond in the opposite direction.
We saw plenty of bright red berries.

We admired the pond. We saw a lone fisherman - other than that we had the place to ourselves!

As we walked around the pond we had the dogs on their leads as there was a sign up warning against dogs drinking the water due to a blue / green algae problem. George just loves water and so was a bit put out about being back on his lead but, better safe than sorry.

Many of the trees had by now dropped their leaves. The weather was however very mild and although I wore a scarf there really was no need for me to do so other than the belief that I should be scarfed up in November!

We came across this mushroom with its pink tinged rim!

We saw some lovely big trees.

We saw lots of lichen.

And silver birch!

Not to mention climbing mushrooms!

Which gave someone else the idea of climbing trees!
She got pretty high up and loved it whilst I had my fingers crossed that she wouldn't fall and do herself some serious injury! On the way home we made a de-tour to a local garden centre and purchased a few plants for some pots in the garden so that some colour can be introduced in the month ahead!
After dinner we headed off to catch a glimpse of the local firework display!
I will show you my photos but they aren't half as good as some of the ones I've seen on other blogs!
And, I'll have to wait until next year to practice again!

Until next time,


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