Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Sweet, Ruby

You're never really alone when you have a pet - this was the thought that entered my mind today as I walked into the lounge having been busy tidying up. As soon as I entered the room I knew that Ruby was there as I could hear her loud purr! And boy, can this cat purr! As loud as any tractor I tell you!

Out of all our cats she also is the best poser, all you have to do is get a ribbon from a drawer and she is hypnotised - watch the ribbon go to the left, watch the ribbon go to the right ...

It was however more difficult to get shots today as I didn't have my erstwhile assistant, Our Daughter, with me as she was at school. So I did my best holding the camera with one hand and a pink ribbon with the other. Hopefully, nobody could see what I was up to through the window otherwise they may have thought that I was slightly bonkers. I can hear the Other Half's comment now - not just slightly!

And the problem of doing things by yourself is that the cat understands that you just can't do it as well and there is a great opportunity to whip that lovely ribbon away and have a good chew at it!

I got the ribbon back! Once more she was captivated watching this way and then that way!

Her head and the ribbon moving like the pendulum of a clock - in complete synchronization!

And just as I thought that she would watch the ribbon all day if she could she swiped it away from me!
"That's the end of the photo shoot for today!" said the cat.
I took the hint and carried on with the hoovering!

Until next time,


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  1. What a beautiful cat...and your photos are stunning! Have a lovely week. :0)


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