Tuesday, 8 November 2011


On Saturday having enjoyed our walk we had some tea before venturing out once again - this time, to the local firework display organized by the Round Table. The event started at 5.00 p.m. and was due to finish at 9.00 p.m. There were live bands to see and the local radio station was there to host the event.
We didn't get there until shortly before the firework display was about to start but still had enough time to buy some gadgets! The star wand thing was from last year and still works!

The band finished their performance and there was then a bit of a wait whilst the last safety checks etc. were carried out. Just before it all kicked off however the Mayor went on the stage and announced that the Town Council were committed to see the local playing fields remain just that - I thought, cue for an announcement in a few months time that the fields have to been sold off for development - call me a pessimist but this is how things generally pan out!

And then it was time for it all to begin!
Now I've seen some photos on other peoples blogs from Bonfire Night and they have been truly amazing.
I'm afraid my photos aren't up too much!

I thought that I would post them anyway so that they are here to remind us that we did attend the firework display in 2011!

 The Bonfire Night Firework Display obviously only occurs once a year and so there isn't much of an opportunity to practice taking such photos!
Apparently some cameras have settings for firework photography - mine doesn't!
I fumbled along in the dark - I know that you can't have a flash when taking these type of photos!
So it was point at the sky and hope for the best!

When I returned home after the display and saw my efforts - at first I wasn't too disppointed and then as I said earlier I saw other peoples blogs - I was downhearted.

I went to my camera's User's Manual - I've renamed it "Useless Manual" as it didn't help at all!

I went on-line and tried to get to grips with the number of tutorials etc. on YouTube!

As the Other Half said "Why are you bothering, you won't remember all that by next year!"
He did have a point!

So for now I'll give up - but might, just might - scribble down a crib sheet and put it somewhere safe!

Despite the photographer being off-form the display was marvellous as usual!

I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by!
It will soon be Christmas!

Until next time,


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