Saturday, 5 November 2011

We're in Some Woods Again!

On Sunday of last week the sun once again came out to share its warmth with us and we decided that we could not stay indoors on this last day of the half term holiday. So, the question on everyone's mind was where to go? In the end we decided to stay local  (we had a two hour journey in front of us - which actually turned out to be a three and a half hour journey due to an accident but, I won't bore you with the details of the de-tour that we had to make) and head for some woods very near to our base here in Devon. 

In the Spring these woods are covered with bluebells.

We were on a public footpath. We had the dogs with us but had them on the lead as this walk generally involves crossing fields with cows. Having read recently of a farmer shooting dogs which had been allowed off the lead by saying that they were worrying his livestock we didn't want to get into a similar situation! I doubt very much whether our dachshund could worry any animal as he's so low to the ground but we didn't want to take any risks!

I do love woodland walks - you feel at one with nature and all the worlds troubles seem ever so far away!

We walked through the field where the cows usually are - but, no cows!

We did find some mushrooms. We didn't know if they were edible, poisonous or hallucinogenic! So we didn't dare touch them!

We came across this. The Other Half said in a Lloyd Grossman voice "Who lives in a house like this?"
We thought a badger! Any views?

Devon in all its glory!

A beautiful, unspoilt landscape. I hope that those relaxed planning laws that are being introduced won't permit anyone to apply for planning permission to build and spoil this sort of view!

Another one of those mushrooms. We came across many!

I love to see old gnarled tree trunks! If only trees could talk the tales they could tell!

Our Daughter playing peek-a-boo!

I also used to love climbing trees when I was small - it must run in the genes!

All too soon it was time to venture homewards.

Once more we were in the little lane where we had started our foray into the woods.

A final look at the lane.

And the trees!

This week seems to have just flown by.
We have had Halloween - I was in the doghouse as I had forgotten the specially bought pumpkin in Devon and all the shops were sold out on Monday!
On Tuesday we had parents evening and dog training - I wonder if they have mummy training evenings!
Wednesday and Thursday went by in a whirl!
And then it was Friday - where do the weeks go! They just seem to fly by!

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  1. Hi June, what wonderful seasonal pitures. I absolutely love those ones looking across the fields and hills. They really are fabulous and evocative of such a beautiful landscape. Your daughter looks to be having a grand time!

    Thanks for your comments on my bonfire post. Can't believe the pictures turned out ok, mine have always been rubbish! I have a Canon A580 Powerhot and there's a setting on the top dial claled scene (SCN), you can then select from foliage, snow, fireworks etc (I've discovered today!). I found out about it by looking at the manual online (having lost mine) on the Canon website. Maybe there's an online manual for your camera that would give you an idea about a similar setting? Good luck with it.
    Thanks again


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