Friday, 4 November 2011

Watching The Sun Go Down

As we made our way home from The Donkey Sanctuary we had an urge to stop at the beach in Branscombe to watch the sun go down. There were only a few cars in the car park.
We walked to the beach. What a vista! A calm, blue sea set off against the rugged cliff edge and beach huts!

Absolutely stunning!

We sat awhile just listening to the swish, swish, swishing sound of the sea lapping the shore.

We listened to the gulls and watched them fly by!

I always find being near the sea relaxing especially when its deserted. You almost feel like a castaway!

We watched the waves rise.

And fall - crashing onto the pebbled beach!

Every third wave was bigger than the two which went before it. Just sitting on the beach watching the waves was mesmerizing!

Our Daughter decided to build a pebble mound and we waited and watched to see how soon the tide would take to reach it!

Up until the building of the pebble mound she'd been playing at dodging the waves and got herself wet up to the knees when a freak wave caught her out!

The waves quickly reached the pebbles.

Soon the pebbles could no longer be seen! The sea had reclaimed them!

Yet still we sat and watched the waves and the sun!

For a long time the sun refused to budge as if it was taunting us knowing that we were waiting and watching!

Oh my, but then it started. The sky was amazing!

The shimmer on the sea was amazing!

I could have watched it forever!

But someone said that they were hungry and they no longer felt comfortable in wet trousers!
It was time to leave but not before someone had a go at limbo dancing - with the car park's barrier!

Yes, this was a great day out!
On the way home we stopped at an Indian take-away - we could have cooked but it just seemed right to keep on chilling and relaxing rather than having to face the oven! There are certain days when you just don't want to cook!

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