Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Short Post ...

Isn't there a song that starts ... "Woke up this morning feeling fine ..." Well, I felt the complete opposite today - Woke up this morning looking a bit like this Halloween Mummy - pale and red eyed with a chronic sore throat! I think it's going to be one of those weeks where everything doesn't quite go according to plan.
Our Daughter came home from school yesterday in floods of tears - having fallen over some steps and in the process twisting her ankle and then falling on top of it! Her ankle was swollen to twice its size and she couldn't bear any weight on it. I thought that she could have broken it and so a quick trip to the doctor's was necessary - a bit of prodding and the doctor said that he couldn't really confirm it but it was likely that she hadn't done anything drastic. He said that they don't really like to x-ray children and we'd have to wait until the swelling goes down. Home we went after a stop at the pharmacist for good old Calpol and Nurofen Plus.
This morning she said it doesn't hurt so much and has gone off to school with a warning not to jump down steps!

The other week I bought an orchid to brighten up the hearth. It looks pretty with the orchid one side and lighted candles the other at night-time.
This is the first orchid I've ever purchased. I've always shied away from them as I've always been led to believe that they are difficult to look after. Time will tell ...

The cat caught drinking from the tap. Another of our woes is a leaky tap in the kitchen. It really does go on your nerves - drip, drip, dripping all day long. You have to twist the tap hard so that it doesn't drip so much and then you need the muscles of a wrestler when you want to turn the tap on again!

There's a new film out about the life of Margaret Thatcher starring Meryl Streep called The Iron Lady. I thought that I would show you this - Moggie Thatcher which I saw in a book recently. Clever, isn't it!

And tonight we will have one very unhappy dog  - George is at the vets having the chop. Poor old Charlie has had to suffer a few weeks of indignities whilst George has been trying to ... well, do what dogs do!

Apologies for the haphazard post but am feeling rough!

Until next time,



  1. for a moment, I thought I'd written this post as it's the sort of stuff I ramble on about !
    You have even more cats than me & I have three ( and a very mad dog )
    Your poor daughter - do keep an eye on her ankle... my daughter has has a bothersome weak ankle since she was young. They did Xray & I swear they missed something.

    I thought about getting an orchid & have never had one before !
    Lovely cat pic & very funny illustration.
    So great to " meet you " ( I'm in Hampshire too ! )

  2. ops... meant to say, get well soon ( I have a stinking cold too ! )

  3. You poor thing. I hope today is going better for you. I was amused by your reference to the NHS not liking to X-ray children. The French don't have any such reticence! Our eldest had an X-ray a few years ago to confirm constipation!!! 'Overkill' there - I hope not literally...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, we're talking about the same Welsh town (despite the fact that there are clearly several ways to spell it). I visited it with Ben about 18 years ago, actually the year my grandpa died. I'd never been there before because he and his family moved to the south of Wales, so visiting relations was always further south. But it's a great place - the castle is so imposing.

  4. Sorry to hear of your daughter's fall,I hope the ankle is not too sore now.It must have been so painful poor thing. :0)


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