Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Glorious Autumn Walk (Even Though We Got Lost!)

I just can't believe how mild the weather is still! The clocks have been turned back and although it is now darker in the mornings and in the early evening the weather feels as if its been time warped at the end of Summer and long may it continue!
On Saturday the Other Half had to work in the morning and by the time he got home in the afternoon and  we'd had lunch it was really too late to head out anywhere interesting.
Today however, things were different - there was no work - yipee!  We went off to the woods - the dogs came too! No photos of them as they were let off their leads and kept scampering here and there, over bracken and into the undergrowth. They got the fright of their lives on a few occasions when some pheasants flew out of the trees!

Our Daughter at the start of the walk! No coat - in November - almost unheard of!

On this walk we came across many, many mushrooms! Unfortunately, no red and white toadstools, which are my very favourite, but an interesting yellow one as can be seen later in this post!

We came across this fungi!

Someone decided to climb trees!
"Take a photo of me up here, mum!"

Just to show she got down safely!

And if you look bottom right no sooner had I clicked and taken a photo than she was off again in search of another tree!

Just look at the colour of the sky - in November!

"Mum, take a photo of me on this one!"
"No more after this one!" I said!
"Alright!" She said!

We came across a spider and its intricately woven web.

Some fantastic berries.

"You're in another tree! I thought you weren't going to climb any more!"
"I lied!" She said!

My little tomboy!

It was a good day to be out in the sunshine!

We crunched our way through the woods - going this way and that when all of a sudden we realized that we were lost! We had completely lost our bearings and although from time to time we came across some signs they all had the word "Bridleway" on them - with no hint as to which way was the way back to civilization! We didn't mind we just carried on walking!

We admired some thistle flowers!

We came across more berries. We now knew that we were heading in the right direction as we could hear cars in the distance! We made our way towards the noise of the traffic and found that somehow we'd travelled much further than we'd anticipated and that we would have to walk a short distance on the main road to get back to the car. That was quite a hairy scary bit - there was no pavement!

Luckily after a short distance the Other Half thought we could cut through another public footpath and get back to the car. Some of the gorse bushes were in full bloom!

There were so many berries! It really was beautiful - nature at its absolute best!

Golden leaves!

Sloes for gin! I needed some gin after walking on the main road with the traffic whizz, whizz, whizzing by I can tell you!

We came across many of these wonderful yellow toadstools!

And many of these - are they parasol mushrooms?

Lo and behold we found that we were back to where we had started from three and a half hours earlier!
I still can't believe that we were out without our coats in mid-November!

Until next time,


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