Monday, 21 November 2011

Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside ... Beside the Sea!

Well ... I seem to have picked up two new followers - HELLO!
The sore throaty thing that I had mid-week vamooshed as we headed into the week-end which was good as I don't really do being ill! I know when I'm on the mend when those mid-afternoon TV programmes make me want to switch off the TV and hurl it into kingdom come - if I see one more episode of Bargain Hunt it will be too soon!
On Friday night having collected Our Daughter from school and packed a weekend bag we made our way onto the busy A303 - destination - Devon!

We woke up early on Saturday morning and after pottering about the house we donned some outdoor clothing and headed for Beer. We had lunch at The Captain's Cottage - sandwiches as thick as a doorstop and tea in cups that were more like the size of a washing up bowl - wonderful!

After our hearty lunch where better than to make our way to the beach to work off some of that lunch.
The Other Half and Our Daughter had a pebble throwing competition.

We watched the waves crashing into the rocks. Although the sea was fairly calm you could see the power of nature and one particular freak wave caught me out as I was trying to take a photo and I got a bit of a soaking!

When you encounter freak waves like this you see the peril of standing too close to the edge.
How easy it would be to slip and fall in and be carried off out into the sea.

Our Daughter was more sensible than me and watched from behind the barrier! She didn't get wet!

We walked along the beach - admiring the boats and beach huts!

We picked up several empty scallop shells - abandoned by the fishermen. I'm going to paint them gold and silver and use them as Christmas decorations - recycling at its best!

I like the green oar against the strong blue colour of the boat.

It was remarkably warm and even though Our Daughter had her big coat on with its hood it really wasn't that cold!

We walked past the fishing boats.

And the many beach huts.

I like the look and style of fishing boats but don't think I would make a great fisherman or, should that be fisherwoman!

Boats and beach huts together!

Colourful wheels!

We then found a piece of driftwood which came in handy as a baseball bat!

Plenty of pebbles on the beach to hit into the sea!

This game could go on for a long time!

And even I joined in!

Me - flabbergasted as to how many times I actually managed to strike the pebbles!
A lot of fun and all for free!
The simple things in life!

We spent two hours on the beach in November!
I could have stayed longer!

But it started to get a tad nippy. So we decided that it was to be homeward bound for us!

We saw this wonderful spiders' web - a fine thread woven inbetween two of the beach huts.

Fisherman's clobber!

A seagull enjoying a birds eye view of the beach from its perch near to the children's playground.

We walked past the little cafe where we'd had our lunch and back to the car park!
We stopped off at a farm shop on the outskirts of Axminster for some delicious mince pies and an Advent Calendar!

Back home we had the fire going and that was us for the night - a relaxing evening in front of the fire!

On Sunday we just had to go to our favourite destination when we're down here in Devon - Forde Abbey!
More on that in a later posting.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post - Our Daughter's ankle is much better, still a bit swollen but on the mend!

Until next time,



  1. Wow, those are all beautiful pictures, June. I love the beach too, more during Autumn and Winter time than Summer time.
    Have a grand new week xo xo xo

  2. Lovely photos, I really like the seagull and the cafe sign with the red tea pot and tray. I love crab sandwiches but it's ages since I have been to the seaside and had the chance to eat some.
    Ann x

  3. Fantastic photos! I love the beach at this time of year,when the tourists have gone and you have it practically all to yourself.Like your idea for the scallop shells. :0)


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