Sunday, 16 October 2011

Winkworth Arboretum

The weather this weekend has been quite fantastic for this time of year. Who would have thought that in the middle of October we would still be wearing T-shirts!
On Saturday we cut back the rose bush in the back garden and hacked away at some of the bushes to encourage new growth next year! This year seems to have just flown by!
In the afternoon we went to Ikea to buy some storage boxes to place under the beds as I'm sick of opening our built in wardrobes and seeing the stuff at the bottom looking messy and disordered!
At least if the stuff is in boxes and under the beds it will be out of sight and therefore out of mind! That's the theory anyhow!
The weather again today did not disappoint and having done the boring stuff yesterday it was time to go and enjoy ourselves.
We went to Winkworth Arboretum on the outskirts of Godalming in Surrey! It is owned by the National Trust and so as members it was a cheap day out for us! The dogs came too!

Our Daughter with George - it's hard to believe that he's almost six months old!
For the past two weeks we've been taking him to obedience classes and at times he will sit, stay and lie down on command! Mind you he only does it when there is a sure guarantee of a reward!

Winkworth was founded by Dr. Wilfrid Fox in 1937 and was given to the National Trust in 1952.

Normally at this time of year some of the leaves are a rich red whilst others are of a wonderful golden hue. Due to the mild weather the trees are in a quandry believing it to be still Summer and many of the leaves were still green!

We followed a circular route around the lake and into an area called Badgers Bowl!
We saw some toadstools.

We saw some maple trees where the leaves had turned red.

Maple seeds!

The dew drops on the grass looked like expensive diamonds!

A few trees had shed some of their leaves.

Our Daughter - minus the dog as he was taking her for a walk rather than her taking him for a walk!

Golden leaves!

And yet some more!

The Arboretum has a Magnolia Wood, a Bluebell Wood and Azalea Steps - I hope that we find the time to return here to see their colourful displays come April / May next year.

We sat on a bench to admire the view in Badgers Bowl and a hornet landed on the Other Halfs knee!

Don't ask me why I took this photo - it just intrigued me!

The view of the lake from the Boat House.

This fish was above the door in the Boat House!

We walked round the lake.

We admired the Boat House!

We saw some more golden leaves.

We saw some leaning trees!

Does anyone have a clue what this tree is?

A closer look!

We came across a dragonfly basking in the sunshine!

After our walk we sat down on one of the outdoor table and chairs - some of us had a cup of tea whilst someone else had a Magnum - in October!

Until next time,



  1. June what incredible photos!
    The autumn hues are beautiful, and you have some superb closeup photos here - especially the dragonfly wings, the maple seeds, those "things" that look like christmas tree baubles, the tree roots - amazing photos!
    Really enjoyed your wonderful photos!Thankyou!
    btw, what camera do you use?
    Sorry not had time to visit for a while - not sure where the time goes!
    Gill xx

  2. Winkworth is a favourite place of ours to visit,infact we are planning to go next week....although maybe we should wait a bit if the leaves are not yet turning.
    Your photos are truly stunning and capture the beauty of the place.Isn't that little boat house a lovely place to linger a while? :0)

  3. Have you found out what the tree was? Most interesting and attractive looking fruits.

  4. I think the plant with the red fruits is Cornus Kousa, well at least it looks like it, maybe another plant from the same family.
    It has white flowers in spring with 4 petals in spring.
    Hope this helps.


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