Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Monster, Some Flowers, Numerous Cats and a Bedside Cabinet or Two!

Here is my latest knitted monster - Hugo, the Couch Potato Monster!
This is how he is described  in Rebecca Danger's "The Big Book of Knitted Monsters" - "A big monster with an even bigger heart! No matter what time of day it is, you can pretty much always find him snoozing on the couch, hoping someone will come and sit down next to him so he can have a cuddle!"
I'm rather pleased with how he has turned out!

The fuschia in the garden is looking rather resplendent!

As is this plant whose name has escaped me!

You can tell that the weather is getting colder as today I had all five of our cats indoors! When the weather is fine you'd be hard pushed to find more than one at a time in the house! This is Archie, he's just about had enough of being in the house and is waiting by the front door to be let out!

Poppy has jumped onto the table where the CD player is - "Don't you dare scratch that Adele CD!"

Ruby has ventured upstairs and although she could sleep on the beds - she's decided to rest against Our Daughter's chest of drawers!

Milhaus, on the other hand, goes for comfort every time - "Why would I sleep on the floor when I can have a vintage comfy quilt!"

"Now, if you don't mind - you've had your photo, could you leave me be. I was just dreaming about catching a mouse or two!"

Oscar decided that if he blended in with the rug that he wouldn't have to be photographed!
Where does the cat start and the rug end!

I'd just hoovered Our Daughter's bedroom and the cat arrived and plonked itself down. Is the cat pointing at that bit of dirt and saying, "You've missed a bit!"

Doesn't he look comfortable! Judging by his paws it looks as if he's tried to get up the chimney! I hope that he hasn't after we hired that carpet cleaner last week!

And here is the bedside cabinet that I purchased in Bridport at the weekend!
I'm rather pleased with it!

Here's the bedside cabinet on the other side of the bed - I much prefer the grey and therefore may need to paint this one so that it more or less matches!

Hope that you're all having a good week so far!

Until next time,



  1. Thanks for popping buy my blog to say "hello".We feel ourselves very lucky to live here in North Wales.Although when we want to go to France it is a long way to the Channel ports!
    Is the plant you photographed cerinthe?I have got a fuschia either side of the front door and they are full of flowers.

  2. Hugo is so cool!
    All your cats are so beautiful - very handsome and photogenic too - or maybe thats your talent as a photographer!
    The bedside cabinets are great - Im with you, the grey looks great - good buy there!


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