Friday, 21 October 2011

A Dog, A Flower, A Cupboard, A Spider and A Cat!

So Colonel Gadaffi is dead after his 42 year reign of terror. Let's hope that Libya can now re-build itself now that it is free from the ghastly tyrant.
Talking of ghastly tyrants - this little monster was found with his chewy having managed to jump on to Our Daughter's bed! Thankfully, he hadn't chewed any of her toys!
He has to carry his chewy things around with him otherwise Charlie our other dog would steal it!
Charlie just leaves his around the place though and this little blighter then gets more than his fair share!

In the middle of the week I went down town shopping for food and a Birthday present for one of Our Daughter's school friends whose Birthday Party she'd been invited to. As I was passing the greengrocers a bunch of dahlias called out to me - well, not quite but I think you know what I mean and they came home with me! A lovely pale yellow colour.

As I was walking back to the car I noticed that a new shop had opened selling vintage stuff. Well, I just had to go in and see what they had! In the corner I spotted this cupboard. I asked for the measurements and for it to be put on hold whilst I checked out whether it would fit in the space where I wanted it for in Our Daughter's bedroom.
She has a small bedroom and her shoes were kept in a basket on the floor and I couldn't fit all her clothes in the chest of drawers she has without there being a squash and a squeeze!
The cupboard was the perfect size and so the Other Half went and paid for and collected it later that day.
It is very useful as it has four shelves inside. Now all Our Daughter's shoes are out of sight and the basket can be recycled somewhere else around the house!

Ugh! A spider on the stairs this morning - dead though! What is a spider's life span? Did it die of natural causes or was it a gift from one of the cats!

The only cat in the house was this fellow and he's not saying!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time,



  1. Isn't it lovely when you find the perfect cupboard in just the right size! I found my daughter's one in somebody's front garden! I did ask permission before taking it away! Our house is full of spiders at the moment. Enjoy your weekend

  2. The cupboard looks perfect. So nice to find something old and unique that is just what you're looking for.


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