Saturday, 22 October 2011

Weekend Walk

This was how the cat looked this morning - curled up like a ball on Our Daughter's bed - nice work if you can get it!
Having got up early Our Daughter had started some of the homework which she had been given for half term - keen, you might think! I would agree bearing in mind that usually everything is a little bit last minute in this house! Let's see if the impressive start continues!

Yesterday, I'd polished our dining room table and normally the door is left shut to avoid the cats climbing onto the table but someone in their enthusiasm having finished their homework and wanting to go and play on the DS had left the door open and the cat thought this as good a place as any to have some quiet contemplation time!

Please let me stay! I can guard the homework folder! Put muddy paw prints across it more like!
The cat was shooed away and the door firmly shut!

After lunch we took the dogs for a walk around the local pond. I was surprised to see some blackberries.

"Look Mum, I've got the X-Factor!"

There is a lot of greenery about.  The trees still have most of their leaves which is unusual for this time of year. The weather being so mild has confused Mother Nature.

George slipped his lead but thanks to dog obedience classes did sit down when told to do so!

Making sure that no-one does actually go fishing a barricade has been put up!

Autumn leaves.

Colourful berries.

After our walk around the pond we got in the car and took the dogs for a walk at another local beauty spot as the walk around the pond is quite short. I will do another posting at a later date.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Until next time,


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