Sunday, 23 October 2011

Our Afternoon Walk Continues ...

Yesterday was such a lovely day that we went for not one but two walks with the dogs.
It is so hard to believe that we are experiencing such mild weather as we head towards the end of October.

We stopped the car in an area where we hadn't previously walked the dogs. As we came out of the car park we saw this lovely big pond. We were the only people about apart from two fishermen and their spaniel.
I love it when you find a completely new place to walk the dogs and its beauty takes your breath away.

Our Daughter found some bull rushes to play with.

The green banks of moss were stunning!

Dew drops on the grass glistening in the late October sunshine!

Our Daughter loved playing hide and seek with the dogs. She would run and hide and then shout for the dogs to come and find her! It's great to be able to take the dogs off their leads. George was jumping for joy in the tall grass! Charlie, our standard dachshund couldn't leap as tall as the grass and so didn't!

A feather caught in a spider's web.

An exhausted George with Our Daughter placing him back on the lead.

The sun peeping through the bracken gave the appearance that it was on fire.

I'm sure that this place would have looked stunning with all that purple heather in August.
I can't believe that we hadn't been here before - it's only a few miles from where we live!
In our defence it is on a road where we have no need to use often!

Now you can make out it's the sun - we're not pyromaniacs!

And there we have it - a continuation of what we got up to yesterday!
It's now half term and therefore I will be signing off for a week!

Until next time,



  1. Lovely photos, I particularly like the one of the feather caught in a spider web. Enjoy your holiday week.

  2. Think i just lost my comment to you, so sorry if you get two!
    Lovely photos, looks like you made the best of the weather!
    Enjoy your half term!
    Gill xx

  3. Lovely photos. And still the mild weather continues, or it does here! Hope you've enjoyed more walks in your new found place :D


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