Monday, 31 October 2011

Back in Devon for Half Term

Last Sunday we got ourselves packed and made our way onto the A303 to Devon. As it was half-term we thought that the world and his brother would be on the A303 on the Saturday and so delayed our journey until the Sunday. Glouriously warm weather greeted us upon our arrival.  We unpacked, had a cup of tea to revive us and decided there would be nothing better than to take the dogs for a long walk along the public footpaths and country lanes. The above is a view of the Devon countryside at the start of our journey - breathtaking!

The bushes in the lanes were swathed in red berries. The holly reminding us that Christmas will soon be upon us! It's the first of November tomorrow - this year seems to have flown by!

We followed the public footpath which took us into a farm yard - I just love the sight of tractors!

In the lanes we saw more red berries!

And someone pretended to be a monkey!

The grass was a lovely shade of emerald green against the russet tones of the leaves.

Although the weather has been exceptionally mild for the time of year the trees are now beginning to show their Autumnal hues.

Along the country lanes we came across this dapple grey horse who trotted up to the fence to greet us!

"Can you scratch my nose for me, please!"
Someone was only too happy to oblige!

"See that bit of grass over there, that's what I want - Can you get it for me? I can't reach!"
Look at the gorgeous house in the background - what I wouldn't do to live there! The house has a lovely verandah and a cosy hammock! To be able to sit there and watch the sun go down and see the stars in the sky at night - how wonderful would that be!

The other horse in the paddock decided to join in!

"Thankyou very much. That's just the grass I've been trying to get hold of all day!"

Of course both had to be fed!

We noticed that the hedgerows still had blackberries!

We spotted this lovely pink flower!

The hedgerows were freshly cut! The sun was beginning to get low in the sky and there was a nip in the air.

The sky!

We headed for home! We passed a lovely stone cottage. Only a short distance to go before we arrived at our own special place here in Devon! We lit the fire, had something to eat and were ready to relax for the evening!

I will do some more postings about the things we got up to this half term.
My plan was to visit places where we would not be charged an entrance fee and to enjoy ourselves on a budget! We visited Lyme Regis - had to pay for the car park, some lunch and ice-cream!
We went to Haldon Forest Park - free apart from £3 for the car park!
We visited The Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth - free but we did give a donation as this is a wonderful charity! On the way home we stopped at the beach in Branscombe and watched the sun go down!

Have a good Halloween everyone!

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  1. Looked and sounded a lovely day - can't beat a good walk in the country and a nice fire in the evening - simple pleasures!
    I shall be settling down in my cosy lounge shortly - the woodburner is blazing away merrily - a good book, the dog on my lap and i shall be happy!
    Gill xx


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