Monday, 10 October 2011

Forde Abbey in October

Last weekend we had to work but this weekend we didn't have to - yipee! On Friday night we made our way onto the A303 and down to Devon. On Saturday we went to Bridport - having read so much about the place on various blogs and once many years ago staying in a cottage there for our Summer hols it was agreed that a visit was in order. It only took us 30 minutes to get there but a further 10 minutes trying to find somewhere to park! It is a very busy place! I had my camera with me but and I still don't believe this, I didn't take any photographs! As the Other Half later said "That was a first!"
Bridport is well worth a visit - there is a lovely second hand bookshop and there was a market selling vintage stuff! We also later discovered some more vintage shops in an older area of town!
Did we spend our money? - Yes, siree!
Our Daughter got two old Beano Books from the bookshop, I got an Agatha Christie and the Other Half bought three!
We went around the little market that sold vintagey things and I bought a small white enamel milk churn - a good place to store sweets!
And in the old industrial part of town where they had the vintage shops I purchased a bedside cabinet for our bedroom - painted a dark grey and slightly distressed - a beauty! I have been on the look out for a bedside cabinet for about three years or more so now I have somewhere to store my favourite books and to place my alarm clock and mobile phone!
We had lunch at the "Bean Cafe" - I had a lovely thick curried soup!
On Sunday morning we had a bit of a lie-in before getting up at 10.00 a.m.!
Having got ourselves up and dressed we made our way to Forde Abbey!

In the vegetable garden the vegetables were being gathered. It made me think of Harvest Festival and Halloween! Yes, Autumn is here - although there is still a lot of sunshine about there is also more than a hint that the cold weather will soon be upon us! Time to get the scarves and gloves out of the drawers, to listen to the fire crackling in the grate, for hot chocolate and toasted muffins! I like to sit in the house wrapped up warm with my feet by the fire as you hear the wind howling down the chimney! Little pleasures!

The gardens at Forde still had an abundance of dahlias!

There was still a lot of leaves on the trees but they were beginning to turn from their Summer green to their Autumnal hues of yellow, red and brown.

I do love the rich colours of Autumn.

Many of the trees had berries.

There were red berries, orange berries and we even saw some white berries!

I love the red / maroon colour of these leaves.

I love the rich golden colour of these!

Our Daughter!

We found a ladybird on a tree!

A stunning red and gold leaf!

By the small pond where we had previously seen a tiny frog we saw this orange plant!

Some more fabulous leaves!

The horse that we've seen so many times before - I think it now knows us too! It came up to the fence to say "Hello!"

Horses are such stunning creatures!

Posing nicely!

George loves water!

I do love the sound of crisp leaves under my feet!

A statue!

Gorgeous red flowers!

I do love this garden!

It was only last month when these thistle like flowers were a lovely shade of purple!

The water fountain was switched on!

A closer look!

Despite a chill in the air there were plenty of bees but no butterflies! I don't know about you but I certainly haven't seen many this year at all - thousands of bees but hardly any butterflies! I wonder why?

All too soon it was time to pack up and go home!
Back onto the A303 to Hampshire and to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey!
Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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