Sunday, 2 October 2011

That was the week that was ...

We had a busy week work wise and the weekend did not allow us any time off either which really wasn't fair with the glorious weather that we've been having but as Frank Sinatra sung - "That's Life!" On Saturday morning I had to go to work, Saturday evening and Sunday morning saw the Other Half go to work! Between us we have managed to wash all the carpets apart from the spare single bedroom which I'm hoping to finish off tomorrow morning before the carpet cleaner has to be returned.
George, the puppy seems to be forever carrying bits of wood or a chew toy - I thought he had a hint of Winston Churchill about him with this piece of wood looking like Churchill's trademark cigar!
Look at those eyelashes - aren't they to die for!

Without the cigar!

It is hard to believe that we are in October - on Saturday afternoon Our Daughter went to a local fun fair with one of her schoolfriends and her mum and upon their return we grown ups had coffee in the back garden whilst the girls had tip tops from the freezer. Who would have thought that come October we would be sat in the  garden in our Summer T-shirts  - such awesome weather for the time of year!

After I'd been unexpectedly called to work on Saturday morning the Other Half and Our Daughter had gone to town and this lovely bunch of chrysanthemums was waiting for me when I got home - in a beautiful shade of fuschia!

Our Daughter has started guitar lessons at school. She has been pestering us to allow her to learn to play the piano. Our house is quite small and there was never going to be any room to accomodate a piano and even a second hand piano doesn't come cheap.  I had piano lessons as a child for a few years but I was never that good. I didn't really like practising! Although I never failed any of the exams I didn't pass any with flying colours either! I stopped at Grade 3. I now of course wish that I had carried on. Hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing.

Earlier tonight we took the dogs for a walk in the fields nearby. George loves to go ball chasing. Charlie, on the other hand, is not that bothered preferring to chase birds in the sky - running around barking at them like a loon!

We saw the moon.

It looks tranquil but behind me were the dogs running and barking!

Our Daughter with George.

And with Charlie - he needs to go to the dog groomers. No wonder he doesn't chase balls he probably can't see them!

We heard a din overhead and looked up to see geese flying by. Charlie who barks at birds did
absolutely nothing - stunned to silence!

The geese swooped down.

We thought that we'd better leave the geese to it and made our way home for Sunday dinner before watching Downton Abbey on the telly! 
Another weekend gone by like a blur.

Until next time,


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  1. Both your dogs are gorgeous, Charlie reminds me of my dog Josh who is a beardie cross.
    Ann x


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