Monday, 31 October 2011

Devon ... Sweet, Sweet Devon ...

On Monday morning we awoke to the drip, drip, drip sound of the rain on the persepex conservatory roof and coming down the chimney in our bedroom! How quickly the weather can change!
We had booked ourselves in for haircuts first thing and so no major plans had to be re-scheduled!
En route we drove down those wonderful Devon lanes and admired some of the views.

The poor sheep were out in the rain getting a good soaking!
They certainly needed their woolly jumpers as the rain just kept on coming down, down, down!

Most of the sheep were quietly accepting of the rain - they didn't even try to shelter near the trees nor nearby undergrowth - they just laid down and waited for the rain to stop!

Back home from our haircut appointments I mucked around with my camera - trying to be artistic!
I had bought a bunch of these orange lanterns to cheer the house up. I should have tried a more interesting background than the oilcloth in the kitchen!

A fir cone that we'd picked up on our travels to Forde Abbey recently was the next camera shot!

I then went outside to try the camera out on a rain spatterd leaf!

Before capturing this wasp on the window!

Some more Devon scenes to whet the appetite - here you can make out the wet, misty weather!

All the hay had been gathered and stored in the corrugated iron shed!

Another out of sequence shot I'm afraid - this time another photo from the front garden.
The rain taking its toll on the plants!

On Tuesday the weather improved dramatically for the better and worse as we headed for Lyme Regis!
Sorry to be cryptic but all will be revealed on my next posting!

Until next time,



  1. Hey June, I just ♥ your photos, the first being my favourite. I think I could look at that in a frame on the wall and enjoy it for a very long time, it's gorgeous.

    You have such picturesque countryside, even on dull, wet days.
    Great pic of the wasp on the window, I hope it was on the outside...........
    It's a beautiful, sunny day here in this part of the globe. Nice to have found you......

    Claire :}

  2. Your close ups just get better and better!
    I know what I shall be putting on my birthday list next year (your camera!) although money can't buy your talent and experience!
    The wasp photo and the chinese lantern deatil are amazing, thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx


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