Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Three Went to Lyme ...

On Tuesday we steered the car towards Dorset - to Lyme Regis to be precise!
When we arrived it was to fantastically glorious weather. We had a quick trip around the shops before having lunch in a cafe. After lunch we walked along the sea front and to our surprise we saw the tail end of a rainbow! It was literally there one minute and gone the next! Whilst I was phaffing around trying to get my camera out of its case - it was fading in front of my eyes!

The sea was like a mill pond.

No opportunity here for any surfers to ride a wave!

We made our way to the harbour. The tide was in!

There were plenty of seagulls fighting over chips that people threw at them!

I do love boats - but I don't think you'd get me into one of these little boats even when the sea is calm!

Another look at the harbour!

Those pesky seagulls were everywhere - scavenging here and there! We walked along The Cobb where "The French Lietenant's Woman" was filmed.
The sky kept getting darker and darker!

We walked back towards the Aquarium - passing colourful ropes.

And buoys!

I like the pink buoy!

It started to rain - we just made it to the Aquarium as the heavens opened.
We fed the grey mullet.

After a half hour spent at the Aquarium we left and discovered to our amazement another rainbow!

By now the sun was coming out again and shone on the pavement giving it a mirrored effect!

"Can I have an ice-cream, please?"

And no sooner had Our Daughter finished her ice-cream when the skies darkened once more!
It was time to go before the next downpour!
So we did just that!

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  1. Looks like a good day out despite dodging the showers!


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