Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fowey - Day Two

We awoke again early, bright eyed and bushy tailed - this place was too pretty to laze around in bed.
As soon as I was up I opened the double doors which led on to the balcony to savour that view and let the gentle breeze drift in whilst breakfast was being prepared - nothing fancy whilst on holiday, just cereal and toast or croissants with jam and a nice mug of tea for me and coffee for the Other Half.
After breakfast the Other Half and Our Daughter head for the cove whilst I have a shower and dry my hair and get to grips with one of the many books that I took with me on holiday. The chair I sit in has the same view as the photo from above - Bliss!

In the afternoon it is still hot but we decide to head for Lanhydrock - a National Trust property.
We last visited here ten years ago - Our Daughter was eight months old! How time does fly!

This is a magnificent property and you are allowed to visit a total of 51 rooms! The family who lived here had ten children!

We initially walked around the garden. We saw a robin and its mate near here - would they sit still to be photographed - would they heck!

There were many hydrangeas some in bloom some beginning to fade - I think I prefer them when they're like this. My grandma's sister gave my dad a hydrangea when I was small and it is now a huge specimen, which each year is absolutely covered in flowers. The hydrangea which the Other Half planted in our back garden though has mostly been a lot of leaves and not much flowers - any clues as to why this is?

The gardens were well planted with wide borders.

There were some beautiful dahlias. My grandad used to grow a lot of dahlias - I used to love the two coloured ones!

We looked around for wildlife - I haven't seen much butterflies this year anywhere and I wonder why that is.
We looked out for yellow and purple flowers as butterflies are normally attracted to these colours.

Eventually we found a Red Admiral on a yellow flower. He was soon joined by three others.

They only stayed a little while and then all four flew off together and we saw no more butterflies after that! Not that day nor any other day!

We saw some intricate flower heads.

And some superb dahlias.

There was a small cottage in the grounds.

We rested ourselves on one of the many benches dotted around the garden and then we went and had some lunch in the on site cafe.

A long time ago the house had nearly been destroyed by fire.

At Lanhydrock you are now allowed to take photos as long as you don't use flash photography.
There are 51 rooms to visit!

This is a large house on a grand scale but it feels homely. The main family who lived here had ten children and this is the bedroom of a son who went to fight in the First World War but like so many of his contemporaries never made it home!

In the nursey there were a number of dolls. The one above was my favourite.

Then there was this one.

I also liked this one!

Four of the ten children!

Another portrait of one of the children.

Afternoon tea - "Yes, please!"

This is a stunning property and although the car park was nearing its maximum capacity you didn't feel that there were many people about - there was so much to see, you could take your time and amble along at your own pace - which suited us down to the ground!

We drove back to Fowey and parked the car in the long stay car park before walking back to the cottage. Our cottage is the end one in the terrace of three - nearest to the cove - we were literally only a stone's throw away from it! Fantastic! A super location!

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