Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fowey - Day Three

On our third day in Fowey we awoke once again to a day without rain. It was much cooler than the day before and Our Daughter and the Other Half decided to give the early morning swim  a miss.
We walked up to the car park to collect the car to take us to Porfell Animal Land.

On the way we admired the view of Polruan from Fowey.

We arrived at Porfell Animal Land - this year they are celebrating being open for 21 years.
We came here a few years ago - I remember arriving in the car park and seeing only a few cars there and thinking should we pay to go in or would it be a waste of time. Luckily, we paid to get in and saw this wonderful small zoo with its dedicated staff.
We had had such a great time here previously that we knew that being so close in Fowey it would be on our list of places to visit.

There were lemurs - not only the one seen above but brown ones too! One of the black and white ringed lemurs had escaped from its cage and gone to live with the brown lemurs! As he was happier with the brown lemurs he'd been allowed to stay with them - a multi cultural lemur society!

I never got to find out what this strange looking creature was as I was being dragged by Our Daughter to head for the deer as we had purchased some food to feed them.

The deer rush to the gate to get their food! I think they've done this before!

Compare the Meerkat Dot Com - Compare the Market Dot Com! Simplz!

I love raccoons. There are two here - this one is 16 years old!

They look so cuddly - a cross between a cat, a dog and a panda! Well, that's what I think anyway. They do say that Maine Coon cats are related to raccoons - whether this is true or not is anyone's guess!

Having fed the deer we also went and fed the goats.

Before seeing some more greedy deer!

We had our lunch here and waited till the 2.30 p.m. "Owl Display" started.
The eagle owl was stunning. Look at those claws - they could do some serious injury!

A barn owl.

In the background you can see the five month old rescued tawny owl - such beguiling eyes.

After the owls had performed the audience were allowed to get up close and stroke the animals.

The feathers were very soft and silky.

A closer look at the tawny owl. The poor mite was discovered by a dog owner whose dog spat it out! Normally, owls would be returned to the site nearest to their nest but as no-one could tell where this one had come from he was taken in and adopted by Porfell.

Although he had only been at Porfell for six weeks or so he was quite happy for people to touch and stroke him.

At Porfell there are also pheasants and two of the females had given birth to two chicks each. As we were having a cup of tea one of the chicks flew onto a bench and posed quite happily for this photo!
This is the type of thing that you would not see in a busy zoo!

We were accosted by one of the Porfell cats - this is Domino - he is black and white! He is 17 years old.

As you stroked him - he dribbled! The same as one of our cats, Milhaus - who dribbles all the time!

The end to another great day out. We got in the car and headed back to Fowey along the country lanes.

The view from the cottage at nightfall.

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