Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fowey - Day One

Having had a good nights rest we got up early and having breakfasted we lazed around awhile reading books and looking at that glorious view from our small balcony. 

The shimmer on the water was beautiful!

Some of us were anxious to go for a swim and got themselves dressed into a swimming costume and towelling robe!

As you can see from the sky by 10.00 a.m. it wasn't as sunny as it had been first thing in the morning - was Our Daughter and the Other Half daunted - no! They are made of sterner stuff than me! Off they both went - to swim in the sea!

Half an hour later two quite cold people returned but they were refreshed and had enjoyed themselves - after all, that is what holidaying is about - fun and relaxation!

Near to the cottage there were signs for a walk around the area taking in the cliffs and sea views. We walked past St. Catherine's Castle - only ruins remain.

We followed the footpath uphill and marvelled at the sights.

We came across a small cove - the Other Half went skimming! One stone bounced 11 times. He was very pleased with himself!

We saw the wild flowers.

Some of us played with grass!

Some of us admired the view.

And what a view it was!

We headed back to the cottage walking through a small wood - all this walking and fresh air had made us very hungry. We had a few sandwiches, sausage rolls, etc before heading for the little cove in front of the cottage. I left the camera at home - I didn't want to get it covered in sand. I said to the Other Half "You know what's going to happen now, don't you - some dolphins will come along and do some back flips and I won't have my camera with me!" They didn't but it would have been nice if they had!

We returned home where Our Daughter snuggled down to read with "Yokey" - a Charity Shop find in Honiton a few weeks ago. Is he a character from a TV advert?

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