Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fowey - Day Four, Part One

On the morning of our fourth day in Fowey we once again awoke to sunshine.
We had planned to go to Mevagissey and from there to the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
Mevagissey is a little fishing port with expensive car parks!
They clearly take advantage of the holidaymakers!
The tide was out when we arrived so it didn't look as picturesque as it could be - lots of seaweed and silt rather than boats bobbing about in the water.

Footballs being used as buoys!

Part of the harbour wall.

Small boats.

We walked around the town and harbour, visiting the shops - we bought some postcards for family and friends - Our Daughter gets to write all the postcards! I used to always find this a chore when going on holidays now we have an erstwhile assistant who is only too happy to oblige - long may it continue!

Colourful buoys.

It really was quite a task trying to take photos without getting all that gunge and seaweed in the background!
You can see the mark on the harbour wall as to how high the water is when the tide is in.

Our Daughter with fishing paraphernalia.

We had delicious food in one of the pubs / restaurants along the front which was spoiled by a little girl, aged about five years old playing very, very close to the edge. Had she lost her balance she would have tumbled some 10 feet onto the harbour floor. Her parents seemed completely oblivious as to what was going on - drinking pints of lager! The little girl had a crabbing basket and kept throwing it over the side. I really did think that she was going to come to some serious harm.
What do you do in those situations? Tell the parents who may cause a scene or keep stum and hope for the best. We chose the latter but I would have felt really bad had something happened. Having fallen off a farm gate at the age of seven which resulted in a nasty gash to my head and, to do this day having a bald patch as a consequence, I am more acutely aware of how things can dramatically go wrong.

Pretty little cottages surround the harbour.

The cottages seem to be clinging on to the cliff face. I wonder what it would feel like to be in one of these cottages when there's a wild storm!

After lunch we returned to the car park and drove on to visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We had some difficulty getting there as we kept missing a turning which led the Other Half to quip "I now know why they call them the Lost Gardens of Heligan, they're lost!"

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