Friday, 9 September 2011

Fowey - Day Four, Part Two

We finally found the turning to the Lost Gardens of Heligan - we drove past it twice and had to turn around!
The car park was full but we finally found a space.
We have been here once before many, many years ago and at that time I was a bit disappointed with the place. It had however been given great reviews in the comments book where we were staying -  so we thought that we would give the place another go.
It is a vast site and we didn't have enough time to go all the way around but we did cover a big part of the gardens.
I have to confess that again I was a bit disappointed - it cost us £26.00 to get in which I thought was a tad expensive.

The hydrangeas were out in all their glory.

They had every shade and hue here from purple, to pink, green and white!

A closer look at the white hydrangea!

The last of the Summer roses were in bloom.

Dahlias were vying for attention.

Including these two tone ones.

There was an old gardeners shed. Very quaint too with that fireplace!

There was a greenhouse full of geraniums.

There was an Italian Garden. I wish that I could have taken a photo of the pergola but there really were too many people in a small space!

A shed with a lot of old garden equipment.

Some more garden tools.

Some hives.

And flowerpots!

And a dovecote with doves!

A very tall tree!

Some wonderful flowers!

The Jungle Garden.

A huge monkey puzzle tree - "Somebody's watching you!"

The monkey puzzle tree.

We followed the woodland trail. I have to confess that this was the bit I enjoyed the most as it was just us and nature whereas all the other bits especially the Italian Garden and to an extent the Jungle Garden had too many people bustling about, jogging your elbow when you were trying to take a photo, etc. Maybe it was just our bad luck that we were there when almost the world and his brother were there too.

We came across the sculpture of a lady giant. This was stunning!

As you can see from Our Daughter posing with the sculpture - it is rather big.

There is also a sculpture of a giant's head.

It wasn't as good as the giant lady but it was fun and quirky!

I hope that I don't sound too disparaging about the Lost Gardens of Heligan it was just the fact that to me it was a tad expensive and too busy. Mind you there were other bits that I really would have liked to have seen and so if we're ever in Cornwall again we'll have to drop by to finish off the bits that we didn't have time to see!

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