Saturday, 10 September 2011

Forde Abbey in September - A Rather Long Post!

Having come back from Cornwall on the Saturday to torrential rain we stayed at home in Devon and pottered around the house and visited our next door neighbours who had been very kind and tidied our back garden for us whilst we were away! We only have a small patio garden but the roses on the pergola had been pruned and the flowers dead-headed and the patio brushed of leaves etc.
On the Sunday we visited our favourite place, Forde Abbey - it is just over the Devon border into Somerset.

I have raved about this place before. I normally have to visit every 4 - 6 weeks. It is a ritual like the customary trip to the hairdressers!
We have an annual membership which I think for the two of us (children are free) was £36 - exceptional value for money when you visit 10 - 12 times a year.

It was a lovely day out. There was a hint in the air of the seasons changing! Time to start packing away those Summer T-shirts and to remember which drawer your favourite jumpers are stored in!

On a tree we found this! Looks like an alien to me or a creature from Dr. Who!

"Ha, Ha Very Funny My Names Bugs Bunny!"

We came across a little pond which we haven't seen on our previous visits but it must have been here as it was well established. It was only the size of a bath tub. What drew our attention to it was the loud croaking noise emanating from the area. We strolled over and saw water boatmen.

And discovered the creature who was making the loudest croaking noises - this tiny wee chap!

Here's a closer look. His eyes were a stunning gold colour.

See how tiny he is - perched on the Other Half's finger! He was gently placed back where we found him and he went on croaking as loud as before.

Our Daughter near one of the statues in the garden.

Some of the cattle they have at Forde.

The fountain was switched on.

Running water.

A lovely tranquil spot.

The ducks by the large pond.

A Father and Daughter moment.

In the Bog Garden.

A dragonfly - he was very hard to capture on camera! I don't think we could catch one of these for a photo opportunity!

We came across the Abbey cat prowling in the grass. We were a bit apprehensive about approaching him as the last time that we were at Forde Abbey a lady came towards us with her husband and dog and showed us quite a deep scratch mark on her leg caused by the cat. I don't know whether the cat had been frightened by their dog but it had certainly lashed out.

It appeared calmer and allowed us to stroke it.

There were some clear hints that Autumn was just around the corner.

Clumps of cyclamen were already at an advanced stage.

We found some Autumnal things.

Yes, indeed - Autumn is here!

The leaves were beginning to turn brown and to fall off the trees.

The sky was still blue though!

There were still a lot of great looking flowers.

A thistle like flower.

Forde Abbey and the Long Pond.

Looking up through the gazebo - at the head of the long pond.

Back to the Vegetable Garden.

With its secret door! Very evocative of "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson-Burnett - one of my very favourite books. There was no dear little robin to show me the key!

A Red Admiral. Butterflies have been quite thin on the ground this year. I don't think that I've seen more than a handful at any one time throughtout the Summer. I wonder why?
I can't believe that I'm all up to date with my blog. I have no more photos.
The camera has been firmly in its case all week. I will have to take photos of George as he has grown so much over the Summer. I can't believe how well the two dogs get on - they are inseparable!
The Other Half is working today and I'm now going to sign off as there is a lot of housework that needs doing before my parents arrive tomorrow for the week. On Monday Our Daughter returns to school - how those weeks of Summer have flown by!

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  1. Hi June,
    Love your beautiful pics & captions as always. Your ability to fill your blog with views of everything that makes England special speaks to my heart. My family's roots are there & they forever missed their beloved country. Thank you for providing a very special window for all.
    Best Regards
    Ms. Maple Leaf


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