Friday, 9 September 2011

Cornwall - Day Six, Part Two

After visiting the Bodmin and Wenford Railway we made our way to Bodmin Moor.
I saw this engine house and stopped to take a photo. A man who had been standing nearby with his camera called me over. I discovered that he was a professional photographer and he told me where to stand to take the above photo. He then spoke to the Other Half and directed him to a clapper bridge and ford and told him to drive through the ford whilst I took a photo - see below!
He also told us where we could find some ponies as they were a bit elusive!

There wasn't much heather to see - just vast open spaces. I always feel like a little insignificant ant when I'm in such a wide open space.

We found the clapper bridge and ford. We did this three times - Our Daughter loved it!

We went looking for the ponies of Bodmin Moor.

We came across some ponies in the area the photographer had told us about.

Some more ponies.

Another pony! Stating the obvious - sorry!

The only foal we saw.

There were large clumps of reeds and I told Our Daughter that when I was little I used to make a plait out of them. "Show me how!" So I did. Together we plaited some reeds in the late afternoon sun. Just us on the Moor with a few ponies and some sheep.

On our way back to the car - with the plaited reeds!

On the way back to the cottage we see some ponies in a field and stop to say "Hello!"

So cute!

We arrived back at the cottage and decided that as it was our last night that we didn't really want to cook. After all we would have to be packing our things away later in the evening and we didn't want to be bogged down with cooking and washing up as well.
We headed into Fowey and ate at "The Other Place" - a local fish and chip restaurant. We went and sat at a table near the window upstairs where we had a stunning view.
The cod, chips and mushy peas were sublime!

All too soon the holiday came to an end. We said our goodbyes to Cornwall and drove to our place in Devon to savour the rest of the weekend before driving back to Hampshire and the daily grind.

This Summer has been great as we have been able to get away for three weeks and a bit more!
The Other half and I started our own business eight years ago and it has been very hard to take such a lengthy period of time off. Infact, for some years we only took two weeks off a year. This year as Our Daughter is growing up so fast we decided that family life had to come first. I don't want to regret in a few years how little time we spent together in the crucial years. All too soon the time will come when we will have to play second fiddle to her friends etc.
We've had a smashing Summer!

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