Saturday, 17 September 2011

George Is In The Garden

It seems like a long while since I've done a posting but it's only been a week!
What a week it has been. Our Daughter has started back at school and we are getting back into the routine of things - getting ready for school in the morning is always a bit of a challenge - as invariably Our Daughter will either forget to tell us something from school or will remember at 8.30 a.m. some homework which should have been completed. I would like to report that things have changed this new school year but so far homework has been forgotten, forms which had to be handed in to the class teacher weren't and the recorder was left at home on the day when it should have been taken to school! By Thursday we were a bit exasperated! "Take your swimming costume and towel to school today," I said. "You have swimming on Thursdays usually!" Well, not this week apparently! "I must get it from you, getting things muddled up," she said! "Let's start afresh next week!" I said!!!

Anyhow, this post will feature Our Pup, George who has grown tremendously since the time he arrived here with us in June. He gets along famously with Our Dog, Charlie but the cats - well, they're a bit apprenhensive still. Charlie is a standard dachsund - cool, calm and collected. George is a real live wire and there must be some springer spaniel in him as he doesn't stop whizzing about all day!

He has learnt to sit on command. Charlie will only do so when he knows he will get a treat otherwise he just looks as if he's completely deaf and yet he can hear a rustle of a crisp packet or chocolate bar from a substantial distance!

I'm sure that in time George will be the top dog as Charlie is so accomodating. When he has had enough of this little chap though he will growl and put him in his place.

I love his four tan coloured paws.

And his black floppy ears even though half the time they are completely wet as he immerses them in his bowl of water!

Sorry, it's a short post but things have been hectic here all week - I've still got my parents staying until tomorrow and it's been very hectic at work!
Although we had three wonderful weeks away over the Summer holidays I now feel ready for another break!
It was sheer luxury to have three weeks away. We started our own business in 2004 and in the first five years we only managed to get two weeks away each year and even then we still had many phone calls disturbing into our quality time with Our Daughter. Fast forward to 2011 and we have a great complement of staff which has thankfully meant more time off for which I am very grateful. It's not until you stop working that you realize how much you were in need of a break.
So from now on I intend to try and have more time out to enjoy seeing Our Daughter grow up and to have a rest!

Until next time,



  1. Hello :D
    Oh my, George is handsome!
    We used to 'tie' our Cocker Spaniel's ears up on top of his head with an old ponytail scrunchie when he was eating ... it was the only way we could stop him dangling them in the food and water bowls. He's long gone now, bless his old paws.

  2. Hello June,
    I've just been having a big catch-up visit to your blog. I can't belive how busy you are and how many places you manage to visit in such a short time. I enjoyed the Cornwall pics, we used to go on holiday there when I was in high school and I've been to Llanhydrock though remember little other than looking forward to listening to U2 on my personal casette player (not quite a walkman!) when we got back in the car.
    I have your blog on my favourites sidebar but for some reason the summery doesn't update so it's second from bottom. Not sure why...


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